The Search Begins

For Christmas this year, my husband agreed to let me change the tile in my downstairs bathroom and laundry room.  

Anyway, I have been bringing tile samples home.

Here is gray choice shown in front of the Saybrook Sage green walls in the bathroom.

Here is the tan option.  (Ignore the border below it.)

Now the problem is, the hallway tile has to stay.  You can see it here with the gray piece that separates the two rooms:

This is showing the gray sample.

And here we have the tan sample.

I want the new tile to complement the existing neutral tile without looking like I was trying to match it exactly.  I definitely want some contrast.

I think we have to keep that gray border piece since it separates the rooms and would transition the two different tiles together.  Plus, I don’t know what else they could put there.  I had an idea that maybe I could have the tile guy put a strip of smaller tiles there as a border instead to blend the two tiles together.  The only problem is since the border piece sits up higher than the tile now, I am afraid if I remove it, there will be a gap under the door.

Here is a reminder of what the bathroom looks like now.

As you can see the vanity cabinet is oak.  I may paint it white depending on the tile I choose.

I am switching this cream colored toilet to a white one.

The counter tops may or may not change.

And once again, here is the laundry room.

I will be repainting in here.

Anyway, those are my options right now.  I keep flip-flopping back and forth.

In fact, I am flip-flopping all over my house!  It seems like every day I am focusing on a different project or a different room.

It’s just that I have ideas and then I have to think about them awhile before making a decision.

But in the mean time, I keep myself busy with other projects.

I know, it’s a little insane…

Any comments, suggestions?

(Comments on decorating…not the insanity part! – lol!)


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  1. Love the beige one and I think visually it would continue the flow and not look like a new addition. Both samples are lovely. Hugs, Marty

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