The Best Fortnite Gift Ideas of the Season (Updated 2020)

Please note, this list of best Fortnite gift ideas was originally published in 2018 but we have updated it for 2020!

Do you have a Fortnite fanatic in your life?

If your answer is yes… keep reading.  If your answer is no…run for the hills!

Since my boys are teens…and obsessed with Fortnite, I obviously qualify.  In fact, my younger son helped me make of list of the best Fornite gift ideas he says every fan would love.  Although I don’t like to encourage more screen time, I want to give my kids gifts they will enjoy.  Luckily, I was able to round up some great gift ideas that aren’t all screen-related!

Here is our list of the best Fortnite gift ideas of the season…

Best Fortnite Gift Ideas Guide

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Apparently, every serious Fortnite fan needs a good gaming headset…

Surround Gaming Headset

Gee, I wonder if they sell noise cancelling headsets for the moms.  If you are a “Fortnite mom” you know the kids are always shouting as they are playing their games.

Of course, those Fortnite-obsessed fans also love their gaming keyboards…

Logitech Gaming Keyboard

As a mom, this makes no sense to me.  A keyboard is a keyboard, right?  Well apparently, gaming keyboards are the thing to own with their colorful back-lighting and faster responses.  Hey, I am just going by what the kids are telling me.


Let’s “step away from the screens” and look at some of our other best Fortnite gift ideas…


How about we get your tween Fortnite fan reading again with these books…

 The Alien Conspiracy


The Clash at Fatal Fields

Apparently, the following Fortnite books are popular for any age…

 Fortnite Coloring Book (for kids and adults)


Fortnite Step by Step Guide

Of course, one of the books will teach them tips and tricks for playing Fortnite...but at least they will be reading!

Or just keep it simple with a Fortnite wall calendar:


Official 2021 Wall Calendar

Hey, does anyone remember board games?…

Fortnite Monopoly

Maybe a Fortnite-inspired Monopoly will lure those kids away from the screens for a little while.  You can remind your kids what it’s like to play in the real world!

Jenga Fortnite Edition

And who doesn’t love a game of Jenga?  Of course, it’s extra fun if there’s a Fortnite theme!

How about you decorate their bedroom with a unique 3D Fortnite lamp…

 Fortress Night Light

A little creepy if you ask me but then again, I’m not 12.  Apparently, they come in a whole variety of characters to choose from.  I guess staring at a light is better than staring at a screen…

Continue “decorating” the room with Fortnite posters…

 Fortnite Poster Set of 4

Don’t worry, these masterpieces won’t be too distracting, since they are only 8 x 10 inches each.

If you are the mom of a gamer, you will definitely relate to some of these sayings…

Set of 4 Video Game Posters

In our house, the most familiar saying is,”Just five more minutes”…ugh…

Since hoodies are so popular with tween and teen boys, we selected a few that any Fortnite fan would love…

  Fortnite White Hoodie

 Fortnite Floss Like a Boss Hoodie

By the way, does anyone else have trouble getting their teen/tween to wear a regular coat?  Mine wear hoodies to school and then just keep them on all day.  I don’t know how they stay warm enough but they don’t complain.

Don’t even get me started on the shorts…my younger son will not wear long pants to school!  It was 20 degrees this morning and sure enough, he had shorts on.  Usually around this time of year, I put my foot down and make him switch over.  Watch out kid, your shorts days are numbered!

While we are focusing on clothing, let’s add in some fun Fortnite novelty socks…

 Fortnite socks

Sure, the sayings on these are way too familiar in my home but the socks really crack me up!  I bought my sister in law similar novelty socks last year but those were geared towards women.  You can really have fun with all these fun sayings!  They would make a great stocking-stuffer gifts!


Speaking of stocking stuffers, these wristbands are perfect if you are buying for a bunch of Fortnite fans…

 Fortnite Wristbands

Technically, they are sold as party favors which is why they are sold in packs of 24.  Though, you could always give each Fortnite fan a few since they come in several colors.  Plus, you know these kids lose everything anyway!


Hopefully, our list of best Fortnite gift ideas will help you with your holiday shopping!

Whether you are looking for Fortnite gifts for boys or Fortnite gifts for girls, I hopefully covered everyone on your Fortnite buying list!

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What gifts are you buying your Fortnite fan?

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Best Fortnite Gift Ideas - Guide for Boys Who Love Fortnite


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  1. Love those socks and hoodies! I have two boys who are mildly interested in Fortnite. My youngest actually stopped playing because he was spending too much money on the game! Pinned.

    1. I wish mine were only “mildly” interested in FORTNITE! Ugh…I guess it could be worse… Thanks for pinning!

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