Thanksgiving Touches Around the House

Since we host Thanksgiving each year, I am used to preparing for a crowd.  Although all that shopping and and planning doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  Between all my shopping trips, I had some time to put together a few Thanksgiving touches around the house.

Ballard Shelves - Sonoma Bookcase decorated for Fall

I added some fall-like pieces to my Ballard Shelves.

Sonoma Bookcase decorated for Fall

I did a quick switch on my mantel.

Fall Mantel with Round Mirror

I just took away the jack-o-lantern and replaced it with a black lantern.

Brilliant I know – lol!

And I swapped out my Zac Brown lyrics for some Thanksgiving subway art in the bathroom.

Thanksgiving Subway Art

I found the printout on Pinterest but I can’t seem to find the original source now.  Sorry about that!

 Also, I threw some white mini-pumpkins in a basket for the kitchen table.

Basket of white pumpkins

And I hung a little scarecrow on the interior of the front door.

Scarecrow door hanging

So far Rosie hasn’t discovered it.  She’s too busy stealing our socks!

Are you adding any Thanksgiving touches to your home?


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  1. Looks great Shelley! Your home is so bright & sunny…We will be traveling this year. Leaving Friday for a few days at Disney and then to family in coastal Georgia for the holiday. Wishing you and yours a lovely Thanksgiving!

  2. I love Thanksgiving but we're right in the middle of a move, so I haven't done any decorating. I can't quite believe that turkey day is already next week! Your decorations look great, Shelley! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  3. Love those Ballard shelves, Shelley. And all of your touches for Thanksgiving. I also clicked over to read your Zac Brown quote, love that song! Great idea.

  4. I love your Ballards shelves. I see a Jersey girl always has some leopard displayed :)All your fall touches are beautiful. The scarecrow is so cute.

  5. Everything looks so pretty. I love how beautifully you have displayed your shelves. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love your thanksgiving decor! Especially your scarecrow doorknob decoration – so cute! I have those in a snowman version that I put on my boys bedroom doors for Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving! Heather

  7. I love a basket of mini pumpkins! Confession: We're already pulled out some Christmas. (The kids cajoled me!) Now my house just looks really confused – orange pumpkins AND Christmas stockings?? Haha. I justify it with the fact that we'll be out of town for Thanksgiving. 🙂

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