A Roundabout Way To Get My Office Back

We have a room off of our kitchen

which has been the playroom for the past 8 years.

Follow me…

Make a right at the open door.

Why is it almost empty you ask?

Because for the next year or so,

this will be the puppy’s room!

(Wow, that sounds insane!)

As you can see,

there are still some remainders of the playroom.

The rest of this stuff still needs

to be brought down to the basement.

You see, when the kids were really little, it made sense to have a playroom right off the kitchen.  Their toys could be in a defined area, yet while I was cooking, they could be close enough to supervise.  It was convenient yet also annoying because the room was always a mess.  I would constantly be closing the door when people would stop by because close friends and family usually come through the garage and would have to walk past the disaster.  But we all loved this space.  The boys would build train layouts on the floor, we would play games, read…I am tearing up thinking about it now.  The only furniture in there was the bookshelf you see, a little table and chair set, a couple lamps, a toy box and at one point a chair and ottoman which we moved to the basement to make more floor space.  It was such fun space to hang out.  We had half of our basement finished a couple years after setting up this playroom so they had both spaces but I think they preferred this room.  (I would too since there is not a glimpse of natural light in that basement!)

Back in the pre-child days, this room was my office.  I had all my books in here, my computer, photo albums…basically all my “toys”.  My husband uses one of the bedrooms upstairs as his office because he likes to be tucked away from the household chaos.  So, when my first son was born, I was happy to turn my room into a playroom and give up some of my space…(hence my messy, unorganized closets!)

This room has definitely taken a beating though!  The carpet is pretty worn and there are probably several hundred nicks in the walls from the various toy throwing and horsing around.

So here’s where my plan comes in…

Since I want a place a little out of the way to put that dreaded dog crate and little “play yard” for the puppy, I thought this room would be perfect…I know what you are thinking – White carpet?  Is she crazy?  Well, yes, but that is besides the point…I am putting down some kind of floor covering over the rug around the crate and in the little fenced in play yard.  (Probably something hideous like a plastic mat or linoleum or something).  Anyway, the puppy will use this room and an area in the kitchen for awhile until she gets full reign to destroy the rest of the house.

As she gets older

and doesn’t need the crate anymore,

this room will make the transformation back into


We have already discussed ripping out the carpet

and putting in hard wood floors at that point.

My husband is on board with that idea,

so now I have all this time to plan the room!


I am so excited because I can start from scratch.

The room is 11’4″ X 12’10”

(not counting the little doorway area).

I am already starting to measure potential furniture!

Here are a couple ideas.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

But at this point I have no real idea of what I want to do.

There is a lot of time to plan!

In the meantime,

the kids have already started getting used

to having all of their toys in the basement.

And the Wii is down there

so that is there main concern these days anyway!

But I must say, I am sad

that this room won’t be their playroom anymore.

I actually cried about it Sunday night when we cleared it out.

It represents my kids getting older

and I am so not ready for that.

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time

because they are so sweet and precious now.

Sometimes I wish they were little forever!

Maybe I am the one who really needs this puppy!

Anyway, that is my long term plan for the room.

It will be awhile before you see any changes.

But I may have lots of planning posts to come!

Have you changed the purpose of any of your rooms?

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  1. I think that that will be a good place for puppy, who is adorable btw! We had a small room for ours with his crate out of the way and it worked well. Our little one;s crate is in my daughters room which works well too.I love your office ideas and i can understand about being sentimental about the room, I know I tear up when i change things from little kids to big kid things, it is sad.xoxo

  2. Awwww…your post just brought tears to my eyes! Little ones grow up so fast…and everyone tells you that, but until you realize it firsthand….it's just something people say…and it goes in one ear…out the other. Then…BAM! hits you like a ton of bricks! So sad thinking about how fast my two little monsters have grown. I feel your pain. And they're only 19 months and 3!

  3. I love your idea of having a "puppy room"! It's so hard to find a space for the dreaded crate. Whenever I see Pottery Barn, I fall in love! I'd be perfectly happy living in one of their catalogs! It's going to be fun to see your office someday!

  4. Sounds like a bittersweet experience for you. Last year we turned our nursery-turned playroom back into a nursery! My middle daughter Amy still wanders in there every once in a while to play with her Barbies. At least you have a basement to put the toys. Good luck with your sweet furbaby.xoxo,Kim

  5. I completely understand the crying. I cry over things like that too. Not silly at all- completely normal. But what exciting plans – first for the puppy – and then for YOU!!Sarahx

  6. Shelley, I was smiling as I read your post because we did almost the same thing that you are doing to get ready for the puppy. We cleared out a room which had been an office and then a sitting room and renamed the room, the "kennel". It has a tile floor for easier cleaning and a nice gate for easy access. This room is the last room down a short hallway next to the garage door so the dogs just go from their room straight outside when it's time to go out. It has worked out really well for us and I think it will for you guys, too. Now, I want to thank you for supporting my party. I was touched that you came by and left a comment last week even though you were unable to put anything on. That was very classy. Thanks!!——- Shannon

  7. At our last home, we installed very cheap vinyl flooring (that looked like hardwood..somewhat) for our very old dachshund. If she had an accident, we used ODOBAN, which you can google – I buy it at WalMart.Thanks for your visit/comment tonight!

  8. I can TOTALLY relate to your feelings. I got all sad and weepy when I did the post about my old house. But the puppy will be exciting, too, and the office space will be lovely! My office is in the dungeon/basement. I do have two tiny windows but hardly any light. I keep thinking I'll wallpaper one day. It's good to dream about the future use of spaces, I think.

  9. aww..I understand your emotions. I know my time is coming b/c I'm on the last one who needs a play space. The others don't even play with toys any more. It is sad! But the good thing is not having to deal with all the space the toys take up. And I love your idea of having an office again! That's a dream!

  10. Oh, it's great you have a room that you can use just for your puppy training stage! 🙂 I just had a tiny little laundry room and used those puppy pee pads up in my bathroom at night! :)Now, those are some great ideas for your office. I know you'll love it when the room is all yours again! :)Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me.Be a sweetie,Shelia 😉

  11. I love your inspiration pics for the office. I sometimes think about re-purposing our dining room. It's a large room, and when our faily is together, there are 12 of us! However, I'd love to have a wall of bookcases like a library, and yet still have the table in the center. Then it could be more useful….just dreaming….Linda

  12. How sweet Shelley!!I love getting inspired by Pottery Barn!! They really have it together!xoxoKarenaArt by Karena

  13. Oh it really is so sad when they grow so fast. I know you will love having the office back eventually, so enjoy the transition and the new puppy. Hugs, Marty

  14. It will be a great puppy playroom! But, as you know Goldens like to be right next to you, so I'd guess she'll be on her best behavior to get the run of the house soon! I know exactly what you mean about the boys space, I still have toys in the 'playroom' that are much too juvenile, just can't let them go!

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