Today (finally) was the first day of school for my kids!

Can you believe how late they went back this year?

It’s usually the day or two after Labor Day but not this year…

That extra week was wonderful in so many ways, and torture in so many other ways.  You moms all know what I mean!  We have been going non-stop for so long.  I felt like I couldn’t sit still right up until the minute my boys climbed those stairs onto the bus.

But now…


I can hear every bird, every car that drives by.  My windows are all open and I can even here the breeze blowing through the trees every now and then.  It’s so strange to have this stillness.  Sure, I ran around doing my usual morning cleaning, laundry, etc as soon as the kids left.  But now, it is just SO quiet!

Even Rosie has taken this time to relax….

I found her dozing in the front of the house.

I am not thrilled that she is laying in the mulch but oh well.  

She does look happy doesn’t she?

I can’t decide if I am happy or sad.  I kind of miss all the craziness.  Well, maybe not too much.  I sure am enjoying this peaceful few minutes of drinking my tea and sitting on the computer in silence!  I do have to leave in a few minutes to meet with some people regarding the annual school event I co-chair each year.  Let the craziness begin again!

At least I am enjoying these few minutes of quiet time….

How is your Monday going so far?

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  1. Ha, that is such a funny nap spot. So nice you have Rosie to keep you company. Enjoy the stillness. Your time. You have earned it. We are taking our youngest to college for his freshman year this week, also the last one to go of his friends. Lots of stillness around here too! Thank goodness for my Andy, our golden, always following me around. Such sweeties they are.

  2. I could completely relate to everything you wrote! Enjoy your quiet time!! My doggies are enjoying the quiet too :)~Courtney

  3. I love your pup laying in the mulch….mine dose that too :)Enjoy the time while the kids are in school…..I'm sure you are go go go as soon as they get home!!

  4. With 2 crazy boys 4.5 & 1.5 running around the house all day, I'll have to enjoy some quite time vicariously through you. Enjoy….you've earned it!!!Amelia

  5. My monday was wonderful…I ran around trying to get ready for a surprise dinner for my parent's 50th Anniversary! I SOOOOO remember those first few days of the kids going back to school! Our kids go back around the 2nd week of August…I think your school district has the right idea! You are so right, though…let the madness begin! Just because they are back in school doesn't mean there is any rest for the weary! It's fun though! And I know you are enjoying it! It's gone in the blink of an eye! Treasure these times!

  6. They do start late compared to how early we are here. I sure wish we'd had a few more winks!! I'm glad you got some relaxing in!!

  7. We stared school today too and I thought I would get so much down until they called me in to help with lunch duty!! That's OK;)Rosie is a cutie pie!

  8. So glad to see Rosie, she is soooo cute. Don't you love when they drag mulch inside? I hope the kids are happy in school and that you get some time to yourself. You seemed to have had a great summer and your life Im sure is getting busy already with school activities. Take care.Did you enter our giveaway?xo Nancy

  9. You will be loving this soon, the first day might be hard. I had my nieces and nephews over for the holidays. Now that they have left the house is empty and quiet, but I did enjoy getting back into my own routine..cleaning, scrubbing and making my list of things to do!

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