Not Enough Pink in My World

Why is it that I overschedule myself this time of year and then can’t seem to get any one thing accomplished?  I have lists on top of lists and gifts hidden all over my house that even I forgot where they all are… I have a pile of Christmas cards to address, a ton of gifts still to buy (and decide on), minutes to type from school meetings, cookies to bake for a cookie exchange party, LOTS of cleaning to do…

I know, I know…boo hoo, like I am the only one who has things to do.  But it got me thinking that I need a little more pink in my life! 

Now, if this occured to me on Saturday, I could have linked in to a Pink Saturday party but I guess I will have to settle for Monday!  To me, pink is the most soothing color and this time of year everything is so gray.  The leaves are long gone from their trees, it rained all day yesterday and this week is going to be cold and blustery.  The traditional Christmas colors are red and green and with a husband and two boys, there is no pink in my house…well except a my favorite orchid

Here it is again…are you sick of seeing it?

So I started going thru my Caribbean pictures and found some pink images to relax my mind.

How could you not relax if you were sitting here eating breakfast?

And steel drums are even more soothing with a pink background.

And how could you not love a Caribbean sunset?

How great would it be to live in a pink house in Bermuda?  (I know Bermuda is not in the Caribbean but it is an island that I love!)

And Bermuda has those amazing pink beaches!

Ahh, the entrance to one of my favorite hotels – The Royal Pavilion in Barbados.

And another favorite pink hotel – The Frangipani in Anguilla!

Here are some lounging areas at the Royal Palms in Turks and Caicos.

And speaking of Turks and Caicos, we stayed here at the Point Grace resort a couple of years ago…kind of pinkish.

Nothing like a pink hibiscus!

There were pink flowers everywhere at the Royal Palms.

How pretty is this view from Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda?

There, I think I can get started on some projects now…or I can go online and book another vacation!

What color relaxes you?

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  1. I just bought a pale pink azalea for the patio. Felt like a little vacation reading your blog.Mary Ann

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