My Travel Channel Debut

A few months ago I mentioned that
The Travel Channel show, Hotel Impossible
filmed a makeover on a beach playground
in Seaside Park, NJ.

My kids and I were there for the filming of the reveal…
and it looks like the episode is airing tonight!

Part One of this Hurricane Sandy Relief special, (shown last week) was focused on remodeling a hotel in Seaside Heights.  Let me tell you – there was a lot of drama!  I am interested to see how the host, Anthony Melchiorri (shown above) resolves the problems that arose with the hotel and its owners.

Part Two, which airs tonight deals with rebuilding a couple more hotels along with a makeover and repair of “Baby Beach” (the bay beach we watched them reveal).

In the episode, you will also see a portion of a speech from New Jersey’s Governor Christie.  A couple hours after the Travel Channel taping, he spoke about the upcoming repairs to Rt. 35 which runs down the coast.

This week marks the one year anniversary of the devastating hurricane known as “Superstorm Sandy”.  Even though we have seen some progress, there is so much more that needs to be done to repair our Jersey Shore.  I was thrilled that Anthony and his crew from Hotel Impossible made an effort to help bring back some of the damaged areas.  Having them there was such a boost for the locals and I am thrilled with the attention this show is bringing to the area!

Join me in tuning into the Travel Channel

at 10:00 EST or check your local listings.

I am also interested to see if we managed to get on camera!
If you watch the episode,
see if you can spot me and I will tell you tomorrow
if my “segment” made it through the editing process!  LOL!
(I think I had a navy t-shirt on.)

Anyway, if you get a chance, tune in tonight

or at least DVR the episode.

Are you planning to watch?

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  1. I will be at work when it airs but hopefully it will be in reruns so I can see it – how exciting for all of you. I hope all those people who have businesses and homes that were gravely affected are starting to rebound from Sandy. It takes so much time to rebuild.

  2. i don't know which channel is the Travel Channel, I have Direct Tv. Funny thing is, the host Anthony Melchiorri lives a few blocks away from me, nice guy! Every bit of rebuilding helps after Sandy!

    1. Yes, he does seem really nice, Sherry. We met him later that day and he comes across very sincere. You're right, every bit of rebuilding helps!

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