Travel Channel in Seaside

One year ago today, 

Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast.

So it was very timely that
last night the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible

aired Part 2 of their “Operation Sandy” episodes.

I was so impressed with all the help Anthony (and his crew) was able to provide to a few of the local hotels in such a short time.  So many businesses in Seaside were damaged and it was so encouraging to see the jump start that these hotel owners were given.  I wish them success in the coming seasons!

As I mentioned yesterday, my kids and I were in Seaside Park

on the day of the “Baby Beach” reveal.  

Here are a few photos from that day.

A new welcome sign was placed at the entrance.

And the crew officially opened up the beach during the big reveal.

The playground equipment was updated.

And a huge “sand bucket” was installed for kids to play on.

I mentioned yesterday that my kids and I might be in the episode.

Well, if you blink, you will miss us but if you try hard enough, 

you can see us on the beach.

Are you ready for my television debut?

I had to pause my TV to get this shot…

If it wasn’t for my pink bag, I wouldn’t have even noticed this was me.  So funny.  Anyway, I can send you an autograph if you like…LOL.

If the Sandy episodes are airing again in your area, you really should check them out.  Hotel Impossible has become one of my favorite shows not only because of the actual hotel transformations, but because of the positive impact these changes have on the businesses and communities.  After seeing what people have gone through in New Jersey, I am inspired by what these makeover shows can accomplish.

Check out more photos from this episode on the Travel Channel website.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. That is what it is all about, people pulling together during these times!Thanks so much for sharing!xoxoKarenaReview: "Fifth Avenue Style"

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