Catching Up Around Here

How is it the second week of September already?

I have always had mixed feelings about this time of year.  Part of me feels the excitement of a new season and the thrill of having time to myself again.  (Those boys of mine tried their best to drive me insane those last couple of weeks!)  The other part of me is suffering from summer withdrawal and I am already longing for those lazy beach days!

While we were hopping back and forth from the beach this summer, our house was undergoing some major renovations.  We are almost finished except for some painting and a few touch ups.  I haven’t blogged too much lately due to all the family time and the spotty internet service at the beach, but I did share a few Instagram photos to keep you all up to date.

 I am still pinching myself that my husband ever agreed to a complete kitchen renovation!

 I am still working on some finishing touches and then I will show you a full before and after reveal!

While all this was going on, we enjoyed the spectacular weather at the Jersey Shore.  And because at times we were there for weeks, (while the our floors were being stained), we found some new activities to try this year!

The boys and I spent an entire afternoon splashing around in Barnegat Bay at Pedals and Paddles in Seaside Heights.  What a blast!  They loved “Jump Island”, the floating water trampolines and slides shown above.

While they bounced around, I rented a kayak so I could take some pictures.  Why should they have all the fun?  I forgot how much I love kayaking.  It’s been years since I’ve paddled around in one!

Meanwhile, back at home…

We had our contractor rip out our wire pantry shelves and add custom ones.  If you are doing a kitchen renovation, you might as well do everything, right?!!  I’ll give you a pantry reveal as soon as they are complete.

But like I said, we kept busy while the house was being worked on…

The kids always love crabbing in the bay.

And we spent one of the hottest days of the summer in the air-conditioned Jenkinsons Aquarium in  Point Pleasant Beach.

Of course, the second half of the hottest day of the summer was spent on rides at Point Pleasant Boardwalk.  Mostly this roller coaster…

I seriously almost passed out from the heat…

but the sweltering temperatures didn’t bother the kids!

We managed to dash home for a few days here and there once the fumes from the wood floors started to become bearable.  We timed it right so the boys could build their cardboard boat for the annual boat race at our pool!

This year we went with a golf cart theme!

The boys came in 2nd for Best in Show and 2nd in their overall race time!

And back to the beach we went!  We always love gazing at the kites in Seaside Park…

Although I don’t think we flew ours once this year!

I managed to squeeze in a little bit of shopping…

My new favorite store – The Beach Home in Lavalette.  I need my own beach house so I can decorate from this store.  And I think I need some more Dash and Albert rugs…

And we were blown away by the unbelievable sunsets!

I am going to miss this…

So that’s my quick review of our summer.  We just got home Monday, the kids started school yesterday and now I am in major cleanup/organization mode!  You wouldn’t believe how much I have to do around here….

I can’t wait to get back into my regular blog reading
and my semi-regular blog writing schedule!
I’ve missed you guys!

I feel like I’m back to school!

How was your summer vacation?

What are you up to these days?


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  1. Wow! It sure looks like you made the best out of your renovation situation. I would love to spend weeks at the beach!!! Looking forward to the kitchen and pantry

  2. What an awesome summer Shelley! So excited for you to get to enjoy your new kitchen, I can't wait to see everything all finished! 🙂

  3. Your summer sounds wonderful Shelley – lots of fun in the sun with your family and a gorgeous kitchen renovation!!

  4. How great that you were able to get away to the beach & away from some of the everyday hassles of renovations! Shelley, your kitchen is stunning, and I cannot wait to see your big reveal!

  5. Shelley, you have had an eventful summer, but staying at the beach for a large part of it had to be loads of fun! I know you are excited about the kitchen renovation! Can't wait to see! Blessings, Pam

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