Response to My WordPress Questions and the End of Summer

Thank you to everyone who chimed in with comments and emails when I asked for your input Blogger vs. WordPress.  I was actually very surprised at how many people still use Blogger…and how many people switched back!  I am still emailing a few of you with questions while I make my decision about how to proceed.  There certainly is a lot to take into consideration but I will eventually let you know what I decide.

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Summer at the Beach - Love the Jersey Shore

My other thoughts are focused on the end of summer.  I know many schools around the country have already started back but my kids don’t return until after Labor Day.  We are trying to savor every last bit of summer that we can.  It’s going fast though!

Jersey Shore Beach

We didn’t take any major vacations this summer but have spent many long weekends lounging at the beach.  We have had one of the best summers for beach weather.  Even the ridiculously hot days were bearable when we had the ocean or pool to cool off in.

We caught a few gorgeous sunsets over the bay…

Sunset on the Bay - Jersey Shore

And some beautiful views of the moon over the ocean…

Moon over the Ocean - Summer 2016

The kids have enjoyed the boardwalk rides and attractions…

Seaside Heights Boardwalk rides

We made the annual visit to the waterpark…

Waterpark in Seaside Heights New Jersey

But I think just swimming in the ocean has been their favorite part of the summer!  They will literally spend hours in the water – boogie boarding and body surfing…

Body surfing at the Jersey Shore

Luckily, we always have several family members with us at the beach so there is always someone to swim with the kids when I am done….which helps me catch up on my summer reading!  I blew through so many books this spring and summer and just last night I began this one…

Gone with the Wind - Summer Reading List

Gone with the Wind

With over 900 pages, this may take awhile…But I am so excited to finally indulge myself in this classic piece of literature!  Every now and then I like to read a classic novel I somehow missed or even go back and reread a classic that I read years ago.

Earlier this summer, I read (and loved), Stars Over Sunset Boulevard which then influenced me to buy Gone with the Wind – the story that inspired it all!

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard - loved this and it inspired me to read Gone with the Wind!

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard

The summer days are numbered so we are trying to squeeze in as much as we can.  As much as I love the leisurely mornings and lazy beach days, I will be excited for the new season and cooler weather.  What?  Did I just say that?  Well, I do love the change of seasons and am looking forward to all the new adventures fall will bring.  Until then, you will find me lounging on the beach.

How are you spending these last days of August?


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  1. Yes, the kiddos have been in school her for weeks now! Meaning our oldest too has been back in the classroom. I am really looking forward to the first weeks of September, however it will most likely still be hot here!

  2. Sounds like such a fabulous summer and I am with you, loving some cooler temps and hope they are on the way soon.

  3. Your summer sounds wonderful! It is so much fun to catch up on reading. I have read Gone With the Wind twice and maybe I should read it again! Happy Thursday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. I was so interested to hear your results on the blogger/wordpress thing. I'm surprised, as well, that a lot of people still use Blogger like me. Gorgeous sunsets. Thanks for the book recommendations. Have a great weekend.

  5. That's really surprising to hear about the WP/Blogger comments. So many people make the switch the WP, but I honestly can't tell just from visiting a site which platform someone is using. Love all the beach pictures!

  6. It looks like you are squeezing every drop out of the last days of summer! "Gone With The Wind" is one of my favorite books ever – but I haven't read it in 30+ years – it might be fun to pick it up again! Hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo

  7. Well, we are back in school here and have been for 3 weeks! Definitely doesn't feel like summer anymore once those backpacks, lunch boxes and forms to sign start coming home!Sheila

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