Weekend Pupdate #25

It all started with a bug…

In fact, my little Rosebud

should have been named


because of her obsession with the darn things.

She loves to spend her outside time
scanning for bugs
in the butterfly bush.

I think one of the bees stung her

because all of a sudden she started tending to her paw.

But that didn’t stop her.

Before long,

 she was looking for butterflies and bees again!

She also loves looking for bugs in the yard.

Look at that fool running around!
Now that she has the invisible fence,
I can let the leash go.
I haven’t taken her completely off-leash yet though,
but we are getting there.

But this week,

things went too far!

On Tuesday Rosie brought one of her bugs in the house to play.
The kids and I left for about an hour
and came home to a mess.

Rosie ripped up the corner of the carpet
in “her” room
(the former playroom and my future office).
She had been playing with the bug
in that exact spot when we left.
I am assuming the bug got away
and she did everything she could to capture it.

Of course we scolded her when we got home
and she acted guilty.
She knew exactly what she did wrong…
so I thought.

She went back to that spot the next day
to pick at it a little.
She couldn’t help herself.
But after some more scolding
she seemed to lose interest.

The rest of the week
I tried to keep her as busy as possible.

On Thursday,
I thought I really tired her out.
We ran around outside for quite a while,
catching bugs and leaping in the air.
(actually only Rosie was doing the catching and leaping – LOL).

Surely, this amount of exercise
would wear her out
and use up any destructive energy she might have.
By the time I went up for bed that night,
she was passed out on the floor in the kitchen.

But it must have been the calm before the storm
because sometime after midnight
all hell broke loose!

My husband had been traveling all week
(and missed the earlier disasters).
His flight had been delayed
so he didn’t walk into the house until 2 am
to find this…

Welcome Home Daddy…

Obviously, the picture was taken the next morning…

He would have thought I was insane

if I took out my camera during the yell-fest!

Yes, those dark things are pieces of the rug pad.

As you can see,

during this rampage

she also ripped up her bed for some reason.

Why not just destroy everything in sight!

I seriously do not know what got into her!

But the good news is that

it looks like I will be getting hardwood floors

in that room sooner than expected!

For now we are just keeping the door shut!

She doesn’t use her crate anymore anyway…

although maybe she should!

Now I am worried that she will destroy

something else in the house.


And I am sorry to say,

the week ended with a bug too…

a stomach flu bug!

My poor son was sent home from camp on Thursday

and missed Friday

due to a stomach bug running rampant

through the camp.

Now I am walking on eggshells

waiting for the bug to start spreading

through our house…

What a week!

Any “bugs” in your house this week?

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  1. Oh My, what a mess! I've been waiting to see if she would get to this stage! If you don't stop her she will continue to do this. All said and done…she's a sweetie…you gotta love her!! Have a nice weekend!

    1. Yes, the stage I have been dreading! She is going to be in some serious training for the next few months!

  2. No bugs in my home, Shelley 😉 Wow, Rosie is a wild one… but always a cutie!! Love the running picture!!! It's soooo nice!Happy Sunday Jutta

  3. It's a good thing she is so cute! I can so sympathise with you after the week we had with our son's dogs. Take care.

  4. We don't have a dog yet (dreading it to be honest), but I've always said that if we get one, it needs to be the cutest dog ever so that I don't strangle it when it does things like this! Hope everyone is feeling better!P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    1. Yes, being cute does help! It's a good thing we had her since she was a little puppy so I had time to really fall in love with her before she pulled this nonsense!

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