Weekend Pupdate #26

Rosie had another active week,

 with the highlight being 

her graduation from puppy school!

She actually was finished with her puppy class

back in June but missed her last class

 because she was getting spayed.

She went back this week to “graduate.”

But after last week’sincident

she is obviously not fully trained.

I will be signing her up for a dog obidence class

 in the near future.

Besides, her big accomplishment,

Rosie kept busy enjoying life.

Bruno came over for a play date one day.

 She loved spending her days running around the yard.

Look at the size of that tail!

And she was thrilled to join the boys

in their rainy day couch cushion building!

Time for a nap, Rosie!

Any big accomplishments for you this week?

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  1. Awww, what a doll baby! We recently took in a stray – he's a Great Pyrenees. I've never had a dog that big, but he has been wonderful!!

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