3 Ways to Decorate a Mantel for Fall

Saturday, I woke up thinking about how I could approve upon Friday’s mantel attempt.

I signed on to my blog and looked at the pictures again and thought I needed to give it one more try…which ended up being two more tries!

Now I only have a million other things to do on a Saturday morning with the kids home.

Why not waste more time obsessing over something so trivial?

Sure, why not?!!

First, (or second if you count Friday’s attempt) I went for a more simple approach.

Fall Mantel with black mirror and black and white accessories - one of 3 mantels for fall



I always like black and white and since there is a lot of color in the room, I thought simple would be better.

As you can see, I added a photo from a recent trip to a pumpkin patch.  Actually, I took the picture on our apple picking adventure…but there were pumpkins there too.  Then just for fun, I tried yet another attempt for this fall mantel:

fall mantel with mirror and orange pumpkins - 3 ways to decorate a mantel for fall


This time I added more color back in and filled up the mantel a little more.  The orange and the pumpkins tie in together and I also put in twine balls to tie into the wheat.

This was how it looked on Friday:

As you can see from Friday’s mantel attempt, the white kind of stood out too much.  Now that I changed the picture to one with a white mat, it seems to make more sense to me.

You might notice that you don’t see much of this room on my blog. That is because we are always in here and the room is not really what I want it to be.

Although this sectional is super-practical for an active family. I have never loved it.

While I am pointing out flaws, you might notice all I have are blinds on the windows.  I have never gotten around to putting up panels, PLUS – I would actually love plantation shutters in here.  Not going to happen because of the cost but you think by now I would have done something more…
But I do need to keep something on the windows because during the day the glare makes the TV unwatchable!  How would we see Spongebob?

Oh and while I am at it, don’t laugh too much at our golf golf club fireplace tools!  My in-laws bought them for my golfer husband a few years ago and I just haven’t had the heart to get rid of them….yet.

I do believe they are uhhh…falling apart!  Yes, they are falling apart – must replace!

Did I mention I want to rip out my builder fireplace and replace it with a stone one?  I swear, it’s a good thing my husband doesn’t read my blog!  But I am putting it on my Christmas List this year!

Anyway, enough about the family room issues.  Lets get back the mantel!

What do you guys think?

Simple and black and white:

Fall Mantel with black mirror and black and white accessories - one of 3 mantels for fall


Festive black, orange and white:

fall mantel with mirror and orange pumpkins - 3 ways to decorate a mantel for fall

or maybe you still like Friday’s colorful attempt:


How are you decorating your mantel for fall?



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  1. All look good… but I like the festive black, orange and white. It's a very nice combination… not too much of everything… just perfect.

  2. I really like the festive orange, black and white the best. They all look great but that one caught my eye the most. 🙂 I obsess about stuff like that too, I think it is a curse sometimes. :)xoxo

  3. I like the festive for this time of year! But I love the modern black and white for the rest of the (non-fall_ year. You've got a lot of good placement up there!

  4. What a lovely room! I've been there so many times . . . tweaking, tweaking and more tweaking. It can get obsessive! I think I'm going to go with the more colorful arrangement ~ Friday's attempt. I'm diggin' that little oil painting. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!

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