Coffee Table Fall Vignette – {Pottery Barn Inspired}

My family room coffee table is one of my favorite spots to decorate, probably because it gets neglected most of the time.  So, now that it’s fall – step aside, my messy family!

Let’s take a look at my latest coffee table fall vignette:

Coffee Table Fall Vignette

Even though we do have a finished basement, we spend most of our time together in the family room.  This is where we hang out after dinner, entertain family and friends and watch TV.  Then when the kids want to play video games (which is way too often), they head down to the basement.

So it is understandable why my coffee table usually looks like this!

coffee table with rectangle basket

Sad I know, but realistic!  That basket ends up being the catch-all spot for newspapers, magazines, books, remotes… Obviously, it’s functional but it’s not very pretty!

Anyway, on Saturday when I was playing around with the fall mantel, I decided to transform my coffee table for fall!

Vignette on basket tray

Since I had just been in Pottery Barn last week, I remembered they did something similar in a display.

Sometimes, I find it helpful to look at store displays for inspiration. 

As always, I noticed Pottery Barn had a bunch of pretty ideas!

Coffee Table Vignette for fall

I searched my home to see what I could use…

And because I already had some covered books, wine corks and more white pumpkins than I know what to do with, I came up with this vignette from things around the house.

Coffee Table Fall Vignette

Then I threw the starfish in there at the last minute since I can’t forget a little touch of the beach!

Coffee Table Fall Vignette

It was almost too sunny to take the pictures that morning but I was happy with how the coffee table looked for the day.

Yes, the day.

That is how long it lasted before it started getting knocked around by the crazy boys…husband included.

But at least I got to enjoy it for a little while…Imagine how much things are going to get knocked around when a big Golden Retriever tail is wagging all over the place!  Yes, I think I am still going through with getting a dog!

Anyway, you might notice the orange, black and white mantel decor from yesterday’s post.  Yup, that is the one I decided on!

fall mantel with mirror and orange pumpkins - 3 ways to decorate a mantel for fall

The “winning” mantel for this year!

Anyway, back to the vignette:

I wish I could have kept this longer!


If you have kids, can you keep anything decorative on your coffee table?


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  1. Nice vignette even though it can't stay. I only have to move things when the grands come over which will be around Christmas. Love the mantel decor, too.

  2. I love your coffee table vignette – totally Pottery Barn! I have the same issues at my house; sometimes the prettiest isn't the most practical, unfortunately. At least you know you have the styling talent to make something so gorgeous.I've been wondering what's up with your puppy search. Are you any closer to finding a breeder?

  3. The tea table in our parlor stays relatively "good," but the big square coffee table in our study, where the TV is? OY. Loaded with books and magazines and the occasional scarf or cup of cold coffee.We bad.Your "before" looks better than my "after."Love your PB design!Cass

  4. Very pretty! I love lanterns and topiaries. Your home is beautiful.Thank you for your kind visit. I hope you come back again anytime.Warmly, ~Melissa πŸ™‚

  5. Love the vignette in your coffee table.Happy TTT…Greetings from chilly Stockholm/β™₯β™₯β™₯chie β™₯β™₯β™₯

  6. such a pretty coffee table vignette! It's too bad you couldn't leave it on display.Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I'm your newest follower!~ Wendi ~

  7. I love your vignette. It is wonderful. The topiary, lantern and the books are lovely with the pumpkin and usinging the wine corks in a glass is such a great idea. Love it all. Your mantel is stunning also. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your coffee table vignette is (was) lovely but sometimes we just have to make adjustments for real life. Our home doesn't look magazine perfect most of the time and we are adults. I like the way you did the mantel, it has a clean uncluttered look. ———Shannon

  9. Loved your coffee table vignette, and it probably lasted a bit longer because it was all in a tray. Trays seem to work better around here. We don't have a coffee table in our family room, but the tables on each end of our large leather sofa recliner are constantly loaded down. Don't like it, but don't know what to do! Anyway, I really like your mantle, too!:) CAS

  10. You did a great job with your vignette. I have the same problem with my coffee table. I have a tray and a wooden box (where the remotes are supposed to be) but I can't keep anything else there. You have inspired to me to give it another try. I only have one "boy" to deal with (my husband!).RobinRobin Flies South

  11. Very pretty vignette! I just love those lanterns. My living room stays decorated because I'm usually the only one in there. The T.V./xbox/computer room stays a mess! I don't have any decor on the tables in there exept for lamps…and believe me they have been knocked over a few times. lol…It is definitely hard with boys. I only have one, but when his friends are over things get crazy. Thanks for your nice comments on Chase's room! Boys rooms are hard especially if they aren't into sports. He is really loving it! Kristen

  12. Your arrangement on the table is so pretty, I'd threaten or bribe mine if I couldn't leave my decor out! πŸ™‚ And, we have a Golden, oh my the all-time sweetest but, yes be prepared for a lot of shedding!

  13. Your vignette looks great, so PB! Good luck with the golden retriever – we have a golden/chow mix and she has a happy tail that likes to knock drinks off the coffee table, beware πŸ™‚

  14. Thank you for all of your very sweet comments! Sometimes it is fun just to play around with accessories even if they can't stay πŸ™ And to answer the dog question – I sent in my deposit on Monday to the breeder. She has a one litter due in November and one in December so I will keep you posted. I better tune up that vacuum!! Thanks again everyone!

  15. Our coffee table is the same way in the family room, and there are only two of us. Your vignette looks so great you've inspired me to try one..if for only a little while. Love your tray too.I'm visiting from Savvy Southern Style.Babs

  16. Yep ours gets all cluttered up with magazines and mail and remotes, all the time too, but I like how you corraled everything neatly. I like to make little vignettes on mine too, they never stay too long but they feel nice don't they? Yours is so pretty with the white pumpkin and black lantern. I like the starfish thrown in too!

  17. What a pretty vignette! Enjoy it when you can; and savor the moment that you first stood back and admired it!! It looks great!!

  18. I LOVE your vignette! I love the lantern & topiary…it's beautiful! I found your blog from the Kristen's Creations party. I'm your newest follower. I'd love you to stop by my new blog & follow along too!Thanks,Sallyloveofhomes.blogspot.com

  19. Both the mantle and the table vignette look great! My table ends up being a collection of remotes…despite my best efforts. You've inspired me to try again. Thanks for sharing,Sharon @ mrshinesclass

  20. Very pretty vignette. I am working on my vignette creativity πŸ™‚ I feel like I get stuck with the same things over and over. So nice to see yours- it's inspiring.Kim

  21. It looks beautiful! I have all of those items around the house so it would be so easy to make as well but like you said my husband would be annoyed because the plant would be in the view of the tv and I can see the wine corks all around the floor from my girls playing with them. Atleast you got to enjoy it for awhile πŸ™‚

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