Learning a Few Things and Organizing the Kitchen

I spent most of Monday organizing and cleaning my kitchen cabinets.  Yes, that one cabinet turned into a whole day of cabinet reorganization.  And it all began because I wanted to relocate a few pencils…

I am happy to say that every cabinet is cleaned and organized! 

And every glass was scrubbed until it sparkled.

One thing I have learned about myself is that I may have intentions of doing or changing one thing but it almost always turns into a huge project, no matter what it is!

After the kitchen overhaul,

I began the task of learning how to operate my new camera!  

Yes, I feel like a real blogger now that I purchased a DSLR camera!  Well actually, I didn’t purchase it.  I used points from my American Express card on their website, www.shopamex.com.  You can use points through that site to shop at many of their affiliates.  Luckily, Best Buy was one of the shops where you could order online and then go pick up the merchandise in their local store.  It worked out perfectly and I was able to pick up the camera the same day as I placed the order – which happened to be two days before my vacation.  Yes, I lugged the thing all the way to Cayman Islands…and then I never used it!  I assumed I was going to have all this time to learn how, but somehow I was just too busy.  Between having a sick kid the first few days and the fear of getting sand in the new camera, I just thought it was easier to just leave it in the safe for the duration of the trip!  But this week I pulled the camera out and started studying the manual…and I certainly have plenty to learn!  Expect many questions in the future!

Sending my prayers to the people in Boston. My heart aches for your city.  I can only hope that you all gain strength from knowing that so many people are praying for you.

Have you learned anything new this week?


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  1. I went to college in New England, I worked in Boston after college, and my Hubby BQ'ed for the marathon two times. To say that I am heart broken would be a gross understatement. So sad!

  2. Congrats on your new camera! That is a REALLY big deal. I must say blogging has gotten me into photography more and I love it. Envy your sparkly glasses…one day. Have a great weekend!xo NancyPowellbrowerhome.com

  3. I know how accomplished you feel. I also was scrubbing my kitchen!!! Congrats on entering the wonderful world of DSL… the learning curve is very steep but it is such a fun journey!

  4. Good luck with the DSLR. I'm slowly getting there. It really does make a difference in photos!

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