Kitchen Updates of the Week

Finally, we are heading toward the homestretch of this renovation…yay!

Here are my kitchen updates of the week:

This past week, I agonized for days over my tile selection…

First, I fell in love with the beveled subway tile (above on the left).  Since my cabinets are raised panel, I eventually felt the beveled tile would be too much.  Plus, my husband wasn’t crazy about that look…Boo hoo…

Also, I went back and forth between an off-white and white-white for the subway tile.  My cabinets are Benjamin Moore White Dove which is a creamy white but the granite looked better with the whiter white tile.  So, I went with the white-white.  Hopefully, I made the right decision because the tiles are ordered!

Of course, now I have also been obsessing over island pendant lighting!

This is the Circa Lighting Darlana lantern.  Obviously, it’s just the outside without the lighting part but you get the idea.  I had to be super-careful unpacking the pieces because if I have to return them and didn’t repackage them exactly the way they came, no refund for me!  Not to mention, I would still be charged a restocking fee!  Ahhh…the cost of indecisiveness!

On the left is a Kichler pendant I picked up.  It’s also a great glass-less option but I think I wanted to go more open and airy.  Plus, I have been obsessing over the Darlana lantern for awhile now…we’ll see.  I also like the Pottery Barn Rustic Large Pendant.  Recently, I ordered two of these two but the more I think about it, the black lanterns are what I always pictured in here!

Pottery Barn Large Rustic Pendant

So many decisions in that area!  At one point, I even considered not doing any pendant lighting in the kitchen!  As the kitchen is coming together, I have gotten so used to the open airy feel in there.  Part of me thinks I should just install two more recessed lights over the island and be done with it!

Once all these big decisions are made, I can’t wait to get to the fun decorating part!  That’s when I can buy non-permanent pieces that can be switched out on a whim!

Any updates in your home this week?


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  1. Pendants are wonderful if they are non descript. My personal preference is none. I love your kitchen.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! I just went through a similar decision with the backsplash (the tile guy goofed, so I don't yet know how this will play out); I opted for no lighting over the island, but I have an 8-foot ceiling, and lighting would interfere with the view, and that's all my kitchen has going for it. As for your lantern, I love the Circa lantern. It works with your elements. At a previous house, my GC put up the fixture temporarily just so I could see if it worked (and how high–another agonizing choice). I know you are so happy to have this in your rearview! It all looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your reno adventures at Foodie Friday!

  3. Beautiful job! Regarding the pendants IMHO as you appear to be indecisive re style, why not just have the recessed lighting installed and live with them for a while? I do love your two choices however maybe subconsciously you feel they are too much of a contrast in style when comparing them to your chandelier in the eating area. (Just a thought.) That said, I am loving your kitchen cabinets and am wondering if you would mind sharing the name and supplier of them. (Thank you) -Brenda-

    1. Thank you Brenda! The cabinets are New River which is the semi-custom line of CWP cabinets. They are painted maple in the color Swan which is matches Benjamin Moore White Dove.Thanks again, Shelley

    2. …. and thank 'you' Shelley for your reply. I did do a web search but unfortunately it appears they are not available here in Canada but seeing yours with a raised panel with a full overlay at least gives me a jump-off point as I was considering Maple and having them custom painted. -Brenda-

    3. I am glad I could help, Brenda. I am sure you will be able to find many quality cabinets with that look. Good luck with your project! Also, I tried to email you directly, but your email came up as "no reply". Thanks for stopping by!Shelley

  4. Whoa! I have been away from blogger world for a LONG time! I love it! So happy to see your brand spanking new kitchen! Woo-hoo!

  5. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love your pendant choices as well. I personally, LOVE the Pottery Barn lights but not sure if they would give off enough light. I do like your open airy choice too! Good luck with your decision. Whatever you choose will just be the cherry on top of your beautiful new kitchen!

  6. Your kitchen looks beautiful! I'm sure you will be glad when the renovations are finished!

  7. Everything is looking so good Shelley…you must be so happy!! LOVE your new kitchen!

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