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Perfect Linens provided me with a sheet set in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  This post also contains affiliate links.

With this crazy kitchen renovation going on, I have been escaping to my bedroom to get away from the chaos on the main floor.  It couldn’t have been better timing for Perfect Linens to send me a sheet set to review!

They offered me a set of their “Second Skin” 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and asked me to choose between three embroidered options.  I chose the Blue Stripe.  You can see how perfectly  they coordinate with the rest of my bedding.

Included with the sheet set was a bottle of this beautifully scented linen wash with laundering instructions.  Apparently, you should take the sheets out of the dryer while they are still damp to help minimize wrinkles.  How did I not know that all these years?…It’s like I live in a cave…

The first thing I noticed while making my bed, was the over-sized top sheet.  Finally, someone was smart enough to make a top sheet that you can actually tuck in!  They were already scoring some points with me!

But we all know the real test for sheets is comfort!  I have been looking for a great set of sheets for  some time now and couldn’t wait to dive into bed the first night.  It was so encouraging to learn that Perfect Linens is the only retailer that tests how sheets feel after they have been washed.  Seriously, how many times have you felt sheets in the store but were disappointed once you washed them?  I have a whole pile of those in my linen closet…

Well, I can honestly say, I love the sheets.  They are soft and light but didn’t have that weird waxy feel that you sometimes get with a sateen sheet.  They also got the seal of approval from my husband.  When he climbed into bed that night, the first thing he said was “Great sheets!”  This coming from the guy who doesn’t even notice when I get a haircut!..

Like I said, the timing was perfect to try these new sheets.  Perfect Linens must have known I needed a good nights sleep!

Be sure to check out their website.  They offer a simple selection so you won’t have to go through hundreds of products to figure out what works best for you.  

As they say on their website,

“Life’s too short for bad sheets!”

White sheets with blue stripe - my new favorite sheets!

What are you sleeping on?

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  1. Amanda said they were amazing too! We always have trouble finding top sheets that actually are large enough to tuck in…sooo annoying!

  2. Good Afternoon Shelley, I love, love, love cotton sheets and the Perfect Linen sheets look lovely. I tend to buy my cotton sheets when I visit India, but I was interested in the sheets you recommended. I will have to find out if they are sold in England.I am so glad you are enjoying your new cotton sheets….. what a treat to be able to review these cotton sheets.Enjoy your good nights sleep.Best wishesDaphne

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