Holding Place – A Simple Place to Display Christmas Cards

Now that the Christmas cards have begun to roll in, I came up with a temporary place to hold them.

For now, I’m using a Santa basket on my multi-use Pottery Barn basket tray.  Lately, I’ve been trying to come up with a creative solution to display my cards…besides my usual taping them to doorway plan of previous years!

So, for now, I’ll keep them in this cute little Santa basket I picked up at Michael’s.

The basket can be functional and part of the decorations since I always struggle with this spot on my coffee table anyway.  You might recall, how I recently staged the table for fall…

Only to dismantle my creation after a couple hours of crazy-boy/dad wrestling in the family room.

Seriously, I can’t have anything breakable in this spot.

So for now, this will be the place I keep my Christmas cards.  At least it looks better than it usually does…

The remote-holder magazine-stacker catch-all basket!

Have you found a holding place for your Christmas cards?


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  1. You know, I just realized that we haven't gotten a card yet! I guess all my friends and family are really behind this year. Of course, it doesn't help that I usually send out a photo New Year's card instead! I've probably gotten dropped from a couple of Christmas card lists because of it. By the way, the Santa basket is just adorable!

  2. I love using baskets for everything and Christmas cards are perfect stored there. Great thinking!Happy holiday hugs,Marie

  3. I've got only one Christmas card at this time. Hope to get some more from family and friends 😉 Then I'll put them onto my lovely decorated Christmas garland between all the little other stuff. But I like the idea with the basket, too!

  4. I do have a fun card holder, it is white metal decorated for the holidays! I love your tray though because it is perfect for every season!Please come to The 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!! The French Basketeer has a special offering right now and there are more gifts open to enter!xoxoKarenaArt by Karena

  5. I think the basket on the coffee table is actually really functional…especially when you have guests over! They can flip through them.

  6. Your basket is adorable! Mine are usually scattered all over the kitchen counter because I don't have a spot for them. 🙂 I might have to so see if I have something pretty to put them in. :)Have a wonderful week!!xoxo

  7. What a great idea. Makes them so accessible for easy reading. Smart thinking – thanks for sharing. liz

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