Hardwood Floor Shopping

I am starting my research to find

the best hardwood floors

for my future office.


At the moment,

the door is closed on this…

 once playroom-turned dog-room….

…turned disaster room!

For those of you who missed that Weekend Pupdate,

Rosie was a little destructive that week!

I had planned on switching the carpet

for hardwood floors eventually.

But thanks to Rosie,

I am working on that a little sooner!

I am just undecided about what type of floors to put in there.

I know I want solid hardwood, pre-finished.

I don’t want the unfinished and then have to deal with

the fumes from finishing them on-site.

I  need something that will stand up to a dog running around.

So a strong hard wood would be great.

I have heard that hickory is durable.


Although, I want a type that doesn’t vary in color all over.

I think I have seen some hickory that is all the same tone.

I want a light to medium color,
but something that won’t fade.

I have the Bruce Hardwood in Gunstock

in my living room and dining room.

Over the 13 years we have lived there,

there has been some fading issues.

Take a look under this rug…

How awful is that?!!

(I’d love to finish or replace this too!)

If I had plantation shutters like I had wanted in those two rooms,

this fading might not have happened.

So, not having plantation shutters

actually cost us money instead of saving us money!

Yes, my husband is just loving that argument!


any advice on hardwoods would be greatly appreciated.

Are there any brands you have been happy with?

Do you recommend a type of wood?

Thanks for your input!

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  1. You may want to check the Janka scale for the differences in the hardness of different wood. I wish I had known about these Janka scales when I was shopping for my hardwood floors. I ended up getting Canandian Walnut in my home because I heard walnut was a hard wood, but little did I know, it is the Brazilian Walnut that is the hard durable one. Canadian Walnut is a much softer wood, even softer than Bamboo. http://national-floors.com/extras/janka-hardness-scale.htmlOr just google Janka scale for a bunch of different scales of different woods.Anyway, hope this little bit of info helps out! 🙂

  2. Dude. Send Rosie on over. I have some carpet that I want replaced. This is perfect. :PLike the above comment….check the scale. We have Brazilian cherry which is a super hard wood. After 4 years, we have very little scratches…even with our crazy dog..and other dogs that have visited.

    1. Rosie would love to come visit! Yes, I will check the scale and I love your Brazilian Cherry floors. See, it really helps to ask you bloggers!

  3. I had Bellawood white oak thoughout my other home and loved it. Ash and hickory are hardwoods, however pine is much softer.

  4. Red & white oak are super durable, but whatever you do, going with a satin finish will hid marks and scratches better than a glossy finish. Look forward to seeing what you choose!

  5. Rosie can just come right on over to our house anytime! Then maybe I'll get the hardwood floors that I've been wanting too! :-)Thanks for linking up to Inspiration Friday and I can't wait to see what you end up choosing!Vanessa

  6. Hi Rosie, It depends on you what type of wood you like on your flooring. As long as it is made of wood I really appreciated it. Wood has an easy maintenance to make and there's a lot of flooring company you pay for a cheap amount of money and having the best result on their service they offered.

  7. Great input with great experts are all we needed…. Flooring Basingstoke would really be glad to extend their helpful tips on you..

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