Would you Recommend Your Refrigerator?

Every week, it seems like something is breaking in my house.  Just this morning we had the repair guy here to fix our humidifier and a couple hours later our refrigerator started acting up!  I’ll tell you all about what happened but I’d also like to know if you would recommend your refrigerator?

For a few weeks now, our refrigerator has been running more frequently and maybe a little louder but we weren’t too concerned because it seemed to be keeping everything cold.  Then this morning we heard a very high pitched long beep.  Rosie, my golden retriever came running into my office because she hates any kind of high pitched noise…and fireworks…and fire trucks…and thunder…basically anything loud.

We discovered the noise was coming from the refrigerator and when my husband opened the door, the temperature lights were off.  He pushed the button to turn everything back on and then about an hour later the same thing happened again.  It looks like I am going to have to move all the food to the fridge in the garage if this keeps happening.  Fun.  I am not sure if it is even worth calling a repair guy at this point because we have had this fridge for at least 10 years and I think we had it repaired once before.  I think it’s time for a new fridge!

I just started reading about different brands online and it seems like there are lots of complaints out there.  Just great!  What I am looking for is another counter-depth stainless steel one that is 72 inches high and 35 1/2″- 36″ wide to fit the opening.  My other appliances are Jenn Air but I am not committed to that brand…especially since I am less than thrilled with my dishwasher.

I am also considering a french door style instead of the side by side but I am not sure.

Would you mind helping me out and telling me about your refrigerator? 

What style/brand do you have and would you recommend it?

Thanks, I always appreciate your opinions!

**UPDATE – If you would like to read about which refrigerator I chose, click HERE.

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  1. When we bought our new frig awhile back, I decided to go from side by side to a french door, frig drawer and freezer. We purchased a Samsung (our other appliances are KitchenAid). Hubby went high tech and insisted on the version with the screen in the door. All the apps are actually quite handy, truth be told. We have been very happy with it. I guess my ONLY complaint would be that there is not a ton of storage space for large bottles (like for juice and such). You can see a picture of it on my blog as I posted about organizing it last month. As far as size, it is as wide as what you are looking for and maybe an inch or so shorter, but probably too deep.

  2. I think the style of refrigerator has a lot to do with how you cook and food types you store. My family is tall and use a lot of frozen food. For us, a side by side makes sense. This way we don't have to get on our knees to dig through the big bin with a French door. We also use liters, wine, pitchers of drinks, etc which are difficult to store many of in a French door style.

    1. Thanks Cindy – those are some good points. My family is tall too and I couldn't imagine my husband kneeling down to get something from the freezer!

  3. Well I absolutely LOVE mine Shelley! It's a counter depth Viking in the french door style (which I adore!) They hold WAY more than a side by side does. I can't recommend it enough. Email me if you want me to send a photo.Sheila

  4. They do not make them like they used to. My mom still has the Amana refrigerator in her home that was there when I was a child. It must be 35-40 years old. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We purchased a Whirlpool Gold Series, French door model with freezer drawer on the bottom. I love the room this baby has in it in all repeats, but we had issues and had to have it repaired within the first year… so glad we bought the warranty. A friend/blogger bought the same one and had similar issues, so as far as dependability I cannot recommend it. My sister has a Samsung French door with freezer drawer on the bottom and she loves hers and has not had any problems. Our Whirlpool is quite noisy. I sure do love the French doors and lower freezer drawer though… We are tall people and getting things out of the freezer drawer is not an issue for us even though we are in our 60's. I will never go back to a side by side model. Good luck with your purchase!

  6. I can truly relate to your dilemma. Unfortunately, everything in my house breaks too! My refrigerator is a Kenmore Elite. I've had it now for over 15 years and it's still working, God bless it! I'm really not up to date on the newer versions, but a friend of mine has a sub zero and loves it! Good luck on your search.

  7. We just had to replace ours, too and were told that refrigerators just don't last but about 8-10 years now…they say 1 company makes all the compressors – sad…

  8. I love our French Door fridge. It is an LG with ice and water in the door. One of my favorite features is the full width drawer that allows for storing a large deli tray with room to spare. The only thing I would do differently if I were to purchase today would be to get a model without the ice and water on the door. It takes up room on the inside of the door that I could better use for other storage. My son has a similar model from Samsung (French Door). He is tall and has no problems retrieving things from the bottom freezer.

  9. Feel your pain! We've been blessed with hand me down refrigerators from my parents. The first one was a side by side kenmore and the next one was a french down Kitchenaid. Love the french doors. So much more room than the side by side. There are two baskets in the freezer and one is a pull out. I am amazed at what will fit in there. When its time to buy new (if we don't get their last french door frig.) then we will certainly get the french door style.

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our newish Kenmore fridge (about 7 months old). It's a counter depth model w/ "French doors" above a large freezer drawer. It replaced a Kenmore side-by-side we had for about 25 years (with NO trouble until it decided it was time to die). It's wonderful – I grew to hate the side-by-side feature that didn't allow room for "party trays" or large platters for entertaining. This has adjustable glass shelves, two crisper drawers, a full wide deli drawer, adjustable space & a sliding divided basket drawer in the freezer. We opted for the ice maker w/ in door dispenser model (we had that on our last one & didn't want to lose that feature). It's also very energy efficient. The inside is easy to keep clean & it has a "Pure Air Ultra filtration system" which keeps the fridge smelling sweet and the water tasting good. LOVE just about everything about this fridge. The only thing I don't love is the stainless steel exterior — how do moms w/ kids keep it clean? I wish I'd bought the white like we had up until this purchase. We're "empty nesters" and keeping the door clean has become a big challenge (my husband's become as bad as a houseful of kids w/ his fingerprints & spills) — one door opening & it requires wiping down!! I don't know why or how young moms deal w/ stainless appliances – too much cleaning/maintenance. NEVER had this problem in 40+ years of marriage w/ white appliances!BTW – the counter-depth model is 1-2 less cubic ft than the one that sticks out, but worth it for the streamlined look it gives my kitchen (they make wider ones w/ more cu ft, but couldn't fit a bigger width fridge into the spot). I'm not sure of the model name. We looked at everything on the floor at Sears (as well as appliance stores, furniture, & the big box lumber stores). We also checked consumer reports. I hope this lasts us close to as long as our last Kenmore – it might be our last fridge!

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