The Garage is Painted!

Sure, a painted garage may not seem that exciting to you but I have wanted to paint the interior of our garage for most of the 13 years we have lived in our house.  And now it is finally painted!

Finally, I was able to convince my husband we needed it done.

When the painter was here a few weeks ago to give me a quote on my son’s room, I asked him to give me a quote to paint the garage…since he was here anyway.  When he walked back in the house with the written estimate, my husband just happened to be in the room talking to me…what a coincidence.

Anyway, he gave me the quote and my husband says, “You might as well do it.”


Now, I had been asking Mr. C. to have the garage painted for awhile and he always thought it didn’t need it.

Plus, he thought having the drywall made the house look new!

Silly, yes but the important thing is….

It is painted!

(Thank you, Dear)

And what a difference!

I chose Benjamin Moore – Pale Oak.

It is just a hint of color so it feels white but will hopefully will hide the dirt.

We just can’t have too much change in this house at once because all of the boys like things to stay the way they are.


A few months ago I talked about possibly painting this door black but at the last minute I decided to go white again.


Painting the door wasn’t even in the price estimate but the painter had extra paint from the trim so I just had him do it.

I guess I could change it to black later when it gets dirty again.

I am also happy we decided to paint the wood railing and stairs…a much neater look than before.

Now, I just have to work on some organization in here and then the garage will be finished.

At some point, I am going to put a shelf next to the stairs for all the muddy sports shoes.  That will alleviate the piling of shoes and dirt in the laundry room…hopefully!

Anyway, I am thrilled to finally have a painted garage.

I no longer feel like I have to explain to people why we still have that nasty drywall after 13 years!

Is your garage painted?

Or did I just insult you by saying drywall was nasty?

(Ours was dirty and had footprints on the ceiling from when the house was built, so it was pretty nasty.)


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  1. I love it! It looks so clean. Your door and steps look nice too! I've been wanting my hubby to paint our garage floors. A little bit easier to roll than the walls. It cost about $150 and it makes such a drastic change. We had them in our last house and I loved them. So much easier to clean. Looking forward to seeing your son's room!

  2. A fresh coat of paint always makes a world of difference — especially when it's going on bare drywall. Our unattached garage is an old carriage house/barn, so it doesn't have walls exactly. It is just the frame and the outside clapboard. All natural, unfinished wood on the inside (built 1903).

  3. Fresh, clean and pretty. You may consider a bench to sit on in your new garage…anything to encourage removing dirty shoes before coming inside. I raised three children so I well remember.

    1. A bench is a good idea. I am definitely getting some kind of storage for shoes so a bench would make sense!

  4. So jealous! I desperately want my garage painted (and organized!) but it's pretty far down on the list just now. It makes a world of difference and would must make you happy every time you drive in!

  5. Im excited by garages at the moment, Im renovating my carport and extending it into a double garage at the moment. Cant wait until I can get to the making it pretty stage!

  6. Oh girlfriend… as someone who has been "making over" her garage for almost 2 months (i had to tape and mud the drywall and then sand and paint) I will be the first one to say I LOVE IT. I love the fact it is an 'official' room of the house now, and not a half-finished space that was more like an exterior space than an interior.http://www.themoney-pit.com/search/label/GarageYours looks great!

  7. Beautiful….our garage looked so much better after it was painted, too. We used them so much…they should be pleasant!

  8. So nice and tidy looking! I am so glad I painted my garage stairs too – it made such a difference! Your garage is like a real room in your house now!!

  9. I have been thinking of painting my garage for years. Yay!! Good for you. Hopefully I will get down to it soon. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Take care Anu

  10. It looks fantastic! Even I'm surprised at how big of a difference it makes, especially the steps and rails. Congrats!

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