Happy National Dog Week (from Rosie the Golden Retriever)

Hello friends!  It’s me, Rosie…In honor of National Dog Week, I am taking over the blog again…

Yeah, I know what you are thinking – wasn’t it just National Dog Day last month?  Why yes, it was!  And what is wrong with celebrating your furry friends again!  Though, this time we get a whole week dedicated to us!  Personally, I think we should plan one of these celebrations every week!

After all, I got a nice trip to the spa out of it yesterday!…

Don’t I look nice and relaxed? I really need to do this more often!

So, when the kids went back to school recently, they probably had to report on their summer vacations.  You know, the usual drill – “What did you do this summer?”…

Well, nobody asked me what I did this summer!   

Therefore, I am going to give you my report right here before Mommy catches me sitting at her desk.  Luckily, she still hasn’t caught on that I know how to type!  She’s probably staring at her new kitchen anyway.  As you know, she can’t stop babbling on about it.  I am sure you are sick of it by now…

Anyway, back to my summer vacation…

Obviously, I spent lots of time laying around in the sun!

And where do you think the term ‘Dog Days of Summer’ came from?

Also, I did my share of swimming in the neighbor’s pool!


You should see my back stroke!

Swimming can be exhausting!

Seriously, why doesn’t our swim club allow me in their pool?

I also spent tons of time at the family’s beach house.

Each morning, I loved watching all my new doggie friends walk by.

I joined them on many walks but unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the beach there!…

Seriously, who thought of this silly rule?

Despite that inconvenience, I had a wonderful time anyway…well, except on the 4th of July.  Those fireworks and the sirens from the parade had me hiding under the covers.  Why do they have to be so LOUD?!!

Dog under covers

Speaking of loud, earlier in the summer, our house was under a major renovation.  To escape the horrible noise, this is where I hid…

But once things starting coming together, I really enjoyed my new surroundings…

Although it was a little confusing in the kitchen when they kept moving my food bowls around.  But I got used to the changes.

Overall, I enjoyed the open spaces and I could run around after all the afternoon shadows…

Speaking of enjoyment, I also enjoyed getting my belly rubbed by all the construction workers in the house.  One day, I even tried to show off by catching some sort of squeaking rodent and bringing it into the house.  Mommy was not happy!  But the guys talked about it for days!

I am so entertaining at times.

I loved my time on Mommy’s office rug while the rest of the house was torn apart.

 My toys kept me company.

Important tip…keep one close by in case someone new shows up.  I like to greet everyone at the door with a gift!…It’s a golden thing…

Did I mention how HOT it was this summer?!!  Imagine what I felt like in this fur coat of mine!  Luckily, I found a way to cool off when I couldn’t get to the pool…

Ahh…so nice and refreshing!

Too bad I smelled terrible afterwards.  Apparently, no one likes a wet dog!

But when I am nice and dry, I get lots of attention.  What’s wrong with being a little spoiled?!

So that pretty much wraps up my summer!

I hope you enjoyed my recent adventures!

But if you haven’t gotten enough of me, feel free to read all about my puppy antics by clicking – Weekend Pupdates or on the above tab labeled the same.  You can also read about last year’s summer vacation – HERE.

I hope you treat the doggies in your life extra special this week!

Happy National Dog Week!




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National Dog Week


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  1. Rosie, you are adorable! I like the way your shared your fun summer. Stop by for a visit at Hyacinths when you have time. We didn't know it was National Dog Week, but we featured dogs this week anyway. '-)

  2. Rosie you are one beauty! And I loved reading your adventures! come by my blog sometime and meet Gypsy and Tammie, you will like your new friends! You are a good girl………pat pat and hug hug!

  3. Rosie looks like she is living the dream 🙂 And it looks she will have a beautiful kitchen to lounge around in soon! Big hugs to your sweet girl!www.classicallyblonde.com

  4. Aww! Rosie, you are adorable! It looks like you had an awesome summer! Maybe now that the weather has cooled off and the construction is done, you can really relax!

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