Adding More Plantation Shutters

Over the years, we have installed plantation shutters in a few of our rooms.  And by “we” I mean, we have had them installed professionally.  Sure, I wish we could go the DIY route to save some money but I don’t trust our DIY skills to do it properly.  After all, even the install-your-own type of plantation shutters aren’t exactly cheap.Plantation Shutters in the Bathroom

When we first installed plantation shutters in our home, we started with the bathrooms for privacy reasons.  To avoid any moisture problems, we purchased the “polywood” type.

Plantation Shutters over the tub

I just love the way they look over the tub…Although, they would look much better if I had a free-standing tub instead of this monster jacuzzi.  Unfortunately, that is a battle I will not win in this house…

Anyway, we also have plantation shutters in our downstairs guest bathroom…

Guest bathroom with plantation shutters

Since this room faces the south, these shutters filter the light beautifully most of the day.

When I remodeled my home office, we also added them in there.

Home Office with Plantation Shutters

I used real wood ones in here since I don’t have to worry about moisture or many dirty fingerprints.  Usually, I am the only one who opens and closes them.  For the most part, this space is free from those messy boys.

Home Office - Plantation Shutters and Dash and Albert Rug

Design-wise, plantation shutters are perfect for my office with the way they give the room an island inspired feel.  This was always the look I envisioned for the space and I feel that the plantation shutters really finished the room!

Ever since we completed our kitchen renovation, I’ve wanted to tackle the family room – starting with the windows.  The wood blinds have been in there for years and they really don’t do much for the room.  Basically, they block the glare when you are watching TV…but they don’t even do that very well!  They are falling apart and just look messy all the time.

Open Kitchen to Family Room

For the past year, I have been checking prices and waiting for plantation shutters to go on sale somewhere.  Finally, the company I used for my bathrooms, Sunburst Shutters announced a sale!  (No, I am not being compensated to mention them.  I have just used them in the past and was very happy with the company.)  The sales rep came out yesterday to measure and I ordered the shutters for the six windows in the family room.  They should take 4-5 weeks so I will give you an update once they arrive.  I am so excited to be moving along with this space!

***CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATE! The shutters have been installed in the family room!

Do you have any plantation shutters in your home?

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Plantation Shutters - a classic look that works in almost any room


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  1. I love my shutters and need to add them to the guest rooms some day in place of the blinds. I do hate dusting them though. 🙂

  2. No but price has been the one thing that always stops me. I love the look and the way they dress up a room. Can't wait to see your new shutters.

  3. Your shutters look great. Your den would look good with them too. Love your office decor.I do have plantation shutters in my house except the kitchen and I love them. I do agree with Kim about the dusting.

  4. We have messy looking blinds in our entire house. Plantation shutters would be so nice, but other things always seem to take precedence in our budget. Yours look awesome!

  5. I adore plantation shutters, when we lived in Florida we had them throughout the house, they add such a fabulous tropical feel. Sadly they would look totally out of place at our home here in France, but it is a sacrifice I am prepared to make!!!

  6. We had them at our last house but not at this one. I miss them terribly! They are beautiful and in my opinion, much easier to clean than wood blinds. Yours look amazing. The best thing about them is they are timeless and can stand alone. 🙂

  7. I love plantation shutters and hope to have some in our new home eventually. They are so dang expensive. Yours look wonderful.

  8. Yes, we have plantation shutters, and I absolutely love them. They were on a few windows when we bought our home, but the kitchen/family room areas had the woven woods that so many people seem to like….not me! We have since replaced those and now have shutters at every window. I could not love them more!Have a great weekend, Shelley!Carol

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