Design Dilemma of the Week

As I get closer to the end of this crazy kitchen renovation, I seem to be second guessing myself more and more.  I think I have lost the ability to make good design decisions.  That’s why I am asking for your help today…

I obsessed for awhile over kitchen pendant lighting for the area above my new island.  I almost decided to just add two more recessed lights and focus on the chandelier over the table.  But then a little voice inside of me said, “Go for it, take a chance, do something bold…”

I ended up having the electrician install these two Darlana Lanterns from Visual Comfort.

I ordered the lights through Circa Lighting who has a strict return policy.  Returns must be packaged exactly like they were shipped and if you return a light, you pay a 15% restocking fee.  I ordered them anyway because every time I would see these lanterns in a picture, I loved them!  I considered a few other options as mentioned HERE but felt that the lantern look was what I always wanted.

What I did not consider was how difficult it would be to find lighting to go over my kitchen table that coordinates but does not compete with the lanterns!

In the picture above, you can see the iron chandelier which is currently hung over the table.  (Sorry, I didn’t straighten up the kitchen for a photo that day.  I was rushing around before the workers arrived.)

Anyway, here is a close up of the iron chandelier over the table.  As you can see, the gray tone does not match the black iron in the lanterns.  Plus, the chandelier is curvy and the lanterns are much straighter and angular.  Although, I hate to say it but the chandelier probably matches the style of my kitchen a little better than the lanterns…but I just can’t go there right now…

So, like I said, I have been trying to find something that will work with these lights.  I don’t know why I assumed I would miraculously come up with the perfect fit.  My brain is fried from too many decisions.

So the other day, I ended up ordering this Remington Pendant from Ballard Designs.

Ballard Designs

It looks great in this picture but when it arrived today, it just seemed HUGE!  I measured beforehand but in person it is too overpowering for the space.  I have to take another look at it tomorrow but I just don’t know.

Another possibility is the Collins Chandelier from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn

I would probably order the white shades with it.  Plus this one was recommended to me by Pottery Barn when I wrote to them for their free design service.  Of course, they suggested different pendant lights…maybe I should have listened… Anyway, I will fill you in on their design advice in another post.

So for my dilemma of the week..

What light would look best?

One of these or something totally different?


Thanks again!

UPDATE – If you want to see which light I chose, please click the following link… My New White Kitchen Reveal


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  1. I would do the Pottery Barn one. It would look great with your fireplace too.I know how hard it is. I am still not happy with my kitchen pendants. I do love my dining table light but I just couldn't find anything in Australia which would work well in my kitchen. As you can see here (http://landhousereno.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/more-lights-installed.html) my kitchen pendants just look too scani for the rest of the lights. I wish we had all the choice that you guy in the States have. We are much more limited.

  2. I love both of the fixtures and the lanterns are beautiful! We are big on statement lighting so I probably would be fine if it was large, but the Pottery Barn looks great with the lanterns too!! Can't wait to see what you choose!! Happy weekend ~

  3. I really like those lanterns and think the drum shade fixture would be very complimentary. It looks like your space is quite large, so why not be bold!

  4. Why don't you just paint your current one to match the lanterns? You could use chalk paint if you didn't want to take it down to paint.

  5. Love the lanterns over the island. Very chic and on trend. Classic. As for the kitchen table area, how about a very simple drum shade…either the Ballard you already have (which I love) or another even more simple style? For instance, a really simple drum fixture (18") with clean lines such as: http://www.lightingdirect.com/capital-lighting-3910-456-midtown-3-light-full-sized-drum-pendant/p1172357I have this pendant and it almost just fades into the room. I have a dimmer on it and it provides a very pleasant lighting to my kitchen eating area. Good luck! Your kitchen is absolutely lovely and your selections are spot on in my book!

  6. Those lanterns are gorgeous! I would love for you to share with me on Mondays for the Something to Talk About link part! Karen

  7. Love, love the lanterns. Have you considered painting your current dining fixture? I think it would really complements the new fixtures. Also love the Pottery Barn piece!!xoxoKarenaThe Arts by KarenaArtist Nicoletta Belletti

  8. Hi, Shelley ~ Decorating dilemmas are the worst! I may be completely off my rocker, but what if you kept both lights, but spray painted the chandelier to match the lanterns? I like the combo of the straight lines and the curvy ones! Thanks so much for linking up with the Merry Monday Link Party and good luck with the dilemma!

  9. I like your new lanterns and think they go great in your space. It is always hard to choose lighting. I am wanting to change mine out but same as you I keep going back and fourth on what to pick.

  10. Hi Shelley, Sorry I'm coming a little late to the conversation. I'm considering the small Darlana for my foyer. I'm just wondering, which size are those Darlana fixtures that you used over your island?

  11. Hi Shelley, Sorry I'm coming a little late to the conversation. I'm considering the small Darlana for my foyer. I'm just wondering, which size are those Darlana fixtures that you used over your island?

    1. The Darlanas over my island are the small ones – 18 inches high by 12 1/2 wide (at the widest point). My island is 84 inches long and 42 inches wide. Hope that helps! – Shelley

  12. I am going to use the glided iron darlana pendantsover my island and can't decide if the mini or small will be the correct size…, what size is your island? Love your kitchen!

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