Decision and Delay

Last week, I discussed the possibility of

painting the door to my garage black.

Not only did you all agree it was a great idea,

but I also decided it was the right thing to do.

Thanks for your advice by the way!

My plan is to start with the garage side of the door.

I will leave the inside white and maybe decide on that later.

So today, I drove to the Benjamin Moore store

to pick up the paint and supplies.

I told the guy what I was planning to do

and he told me the paint to buy.

Which by the way, was not low VOC

but he said that would be the best paint for the job.

My door is metal so I guess the paint he suggested would adhere to it better.

Anyway he also told me

that I should wait until SPRING

to paint the door!

Apparently, the paint needs time to cure at above 50 degrees.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing those temperatures

for quite some time now!

So, I guess this project will have to wait.

I must say though, I am so glad I went to Benjamin Moore

instead of one of the big retailers that sells paint.

I couldn’t exactly picture them telling me to wait

or even knowing I should wait for that matter!

I love the fact that the Benjamin Moore guy was honest

and wasn’t just concerned about making a sale!

I guess I will just work on one of the other million projects on my  list.

But thanks for the advice on the black doors

and expect to see the change this spring!

Have you put any projects on hold recently?

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  1. AHHHH… I am not good at waiting 🙂 I am considering painting mine too after your post, but mine is wood and it's a tad warmer here. My current on-hold project is a big boy room for the baby. He just loves his crib too much. xo

  2. Good advice from Ben Moore!! The hubs says I always want to paint on the windy days!!Thanks for dropping by and the sweet comments you left! I too have had trouble posting on many sites this week!Have a great day!!

  3. Great advice from the paint store. I think the black will be great on your door. I would love to re-decorate my kitchen hutch with Valentine stuff but I can't find what I'm looking for!

  4. That does seem unusual that the Benjamin Moore guy would give that good advice, knowing he was talking you out of buying the paint. I guess he was counting on you returning since he was giving you his honest opinion. Black wouldn't look good on our door but it sure would help conceal paw prints and scuffs from my doxies. The door is white and is usually a mess unless I constantly clean it. Hope you are having a good week!——– Shannon

  5. Yes, I thought it was very nice of the Benjamin Moore guy. Of course I am sure he recognized me because I am in there quite often. He knows I will be back!

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