Opinions Please – Deciding Between Shoe Molding vs. Quarter Round

Once again I have a question for you all regarding something very exciting – base molding!  Woo hoo!  Actually, I’m in the process of deciding between shoe molding vs quarter round and I’d love your opinions.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am tackling the next project in my home!  I’m getting ready to make a decision on my hardwood floors for my office.  Most likely, I plan to install either hickory in a medium stain or a white oak in a medium stain.  I know, it doesn’t seem like I’ve really made a decision yet, but I am close.  Once, I bring home the samples I’ll decide.

Anyway…as I mentioned, I’d love some input regarding shoe molding vs. quarter round.

As you can see, we already have the quarter round in my living room.

We also have it our dining room and the quarter round is stained to match the floor.

Recently, my installer asked which molding I preferred for my office.  If I went with the quarter round it would match the rest of the house.  Or if I chose the white shoe molding, it would match the base molding in my office.

Here is a photo of how another blogger used the white shoe molding…

miscellaneous - Benjamin Moore - Smoke - suzie,
source – decor pad
(A gorgeous color on the wall, I might add!)

Just from looking at that photo, I know I love the white shoe molding.  In my home, you can’t see my office from the other two rooms so I don’t think mine has to be the same.  

Is the quarter round dated?  I’m not sure…though we have been here 14 years.  I really like the idea of the white shoe molding, plus I think it is easier for my contractor to paint it instead of staining the quarter round.  Since my office will not be a high traffic area, the white shouldn’t get scuffed up.  Then again, who is scuffing up their molding anyway?  It’s not like we are running into walls around here or anything!  (Just bouncing off them!)

What are your thoughts on quarter round vs shoe molding?

What do you have?

Does it really matter?

Am I obsessing over something trivial and silly?

Am I silly?

Do I need more caffeine today?

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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  1. I like the white, it makes the molding look even richer I think. Looking forward to seeing what you choose for your flooring!

  2. I think it would look great white. We have ours painted white and it looks so nice against our hardwood floors:)Shannon@CozyCountryLiving

  3. I love the shoe molding, looks more up to date. I should eat my words since I have alot of quarter-round here, but if I was redoing I would remove it all! Good luck.xo NancyPowellbrowerhome.com

  4. I switched to shoe molding – BUT it collects dust ( a lot more than quarter round anyway ) I love that wall color too!!!XOX

  5. I love the painted white shoe molding… I think it looks beautiful against hardwood floors and any color you choose for the walls. Good luck making your decision!

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