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15 Fabulous Finds – Decorating Your Porch For Fall

Have you started shopping for your fall decor yet?  Lately, I’ve been gathering up some ideas for decorating my porch for fall.  Today, I’ll share some of my latest outdoor fall decorating finds including essentials that can be used year after year.  (updated for 2023)

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Each year, I love experimenting with different color combinations of mums and pumpkins on my fall porch.  With all that color, I usually keep the basics neutral so I can use them over again…

Decorating Your Porch for Fall – with Doormats:

This fall, layer your doormats or just use one…

Fall Front Porch - Favorite Fall Decorating Finds

As you can see, when I decorated my porch for fall last year, I used neutral doormats.  Since I like to stretch my items from season to season, I didn’t buy a “fall specific” door mat.  You can still find mine in some Target stores and it sells out a lot online.  Maybe they’re phasing it out…who knows?…

Home Sweet Home doormat

Although, I think this adorable door mat is an even cuter version of the older one I have on my front porch!…

door mat 

But if you love season specific door mats, this is a pretty one for fall.  Plus, it’s neutral enough so it would work with all colors.

fall doormat


Now, could this one be more adorable for Halloween?  It actually lights up…so cute!

Ghost Door Mat - fall decorating finds

ghost light up doormat


And since we all love to layer our door mats these days, here is the perfect indoor outdoor rug to go underneath!

Buffalo Check Rug - for layering door mats

buffalo check indoor outdoor rug

Decorating Your Porch for Fall – with Pumpkins:

What’s a fall porch without pumpkins?…

Since we all love pumpkins in the fall, I included some of my favorite faux pumpkins!  If you’re like me, you mix real pumpkins with artificial pumpkins when you decorate.

Faux pumpkins for fall decor

faux fall pumpkins


And if you read my blog regularly, you know that I love decorating with mini pumpkins as well!…

mini pumpkins vase filler

pumpkin vase filler

Speaking of pumpkins, I’ve wanted some stacked pumpkins for awhile!…

stacked pumpkins

Some Essentials for Decorating Your Porch for Fall:

Instead of focusing on one season, use items that work all year!…

Basically, I couldn’t decorate my porch for fall…or any season for that matter without these exact black urns.  Even though they look like stone, they’re actually fiberglass.  Mine are 21 inches high but this urn also comes in a 29 inch version.

black urn planter for fall porch decorating

black planter urn


If you’re like me, you love the look of lanterns on a fall porch and these lanterns are just perfect for fall!…

lanterns for fall porch decor

glass and metal lanterns

Several times in the past, I’ve decorated my porch with lanterns and battery operated candles.   I’ve also seen people fill them with mini pumpkins for fall.  Such a cute idea!


If you want a more rustic, European look, these indoor outdoor lanterns are gorgous!

Indoor Outdoor Lanterns for Fall

indoor outdoor lanterns

Decorating Your Porch for Fall – with Wreaths:

When decorating your porch, don’t forget the door!…

In recent years, I’ve decorated my porch with a wreath similar to this one.

Now, if I decide to go with more red on my porch this year, this red apple wreath would be stunning…

red apple wreath


If you like a more neutral wreath, this dried wheat wreath is very pretty and would look great against a black door…

dried wheat wreath


If your door isn’t in a covered area, this artificial wheat wreath might be a better option…

artificial wheat wreath

Hopefully, I gave you some inspiring ideas to decorate your porch this fall. 

Here is a recap of the essential fall porch items mentioned above…

For some indoor decorating finds, swing by my recent post – Affordable Fall Decor Finds for the Home.

What are you favorite ideas for outdoor fall decorating?


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Decorating Your Porch for Fall

Fall Finds for Decorating Your Porch


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  1. Growing up in MN I love this fall inspiration. Now living in Tx for many years I probably won’t decorate until October 1– especially since our front porch faces west 🤯! The best news from my dr today is that I am cleared to go IN (instead of float on) the pool💦. Hugs from Waco 💚💛🐻!

    1. Thanks Diane – normally I wait a little longer to decorate…maybe I’ve been home too much! Congrats on the good health news – now get in that pool! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. I love the mums and the pumpkins! The way you staggered the heights gave it a nice flow. My porch feels so boring to me right now and I want to try some of these tips!

    1. Thanks – this was last year’s porch but this year’s will probably be similar. I’m glad I gave you some ideas – thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great inspiration, Shelley! I love the black and white checked rug. Have to see if that can work for me. I do have a big lantern on my porch, and love it. I’m holding off to end of Sept to buy mums, and decorate the porch for fall. My summer flowers are still going gangbusters!

    1. Thanks Amy! Gotta love black and white checks! Yeah, I think all the summer flowers are getting a second life with all this rain! Enjoy your day!

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