Organization in the Office – Pretty and Practical Baskets

Just like many of you, I get the urge to organize my home at the beginning of every new year.  This year, my first organization step included buying baskets for the shelves in my home office.  

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Baskets for Organization:

Organization Idea for My Office

Previously, my shelves were purely decorative yet they weren’t very functional.  In fact, I didn’t share too much of this wall when I posted about redecorating my office.  Since I wasn’t sure what to do with the shelves, I waited for an idea to hit me.  Basically, I knew I wanted them to look pretty but I also needed them to be useful.  If you’re like me, you understand how I need a place to hide all the clutter and piles of papers that somehow manage to accumulate.

Considering that my home office has a coastal/tropical vibe, I decided that seagrass baskets would work perfectly.

After a quick shopping trip, I now have a ton of storage!

Seagrass Baskets for Organization

Not only did I increase storage in my office, but I chose bins that were pretty as well as functional.  

These are the Havana Utility Baskets.

Golden Retriever seal of approval

 Rosie was close by to supervise.

Seagrass Baskets for Organization - Functional and Pretty

I think she approves!

Once I decide what I need to store the most, I will add some kind of tags or labels to them.  Right now I am just using them to sort school work and mail.  We all know how even those papers pile up quickly!

Anyway, the seagrass baskets are already helping me feel organized!

If you want a similar look to my baskets , I included some more seagrass and woven basket options below.  


What are your favorite types of organization baskets? 


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Organization baskets for the home office - a pretty way to hide all the clutter and paperwork.

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  1. Those look great! I haven't started my organizing downstairs yet but that's my goal. Your office assistant is cute!

  2. I really like the baskets — they make for such great storage! Yes, we've been adding lots of storage by adding sliding shelves to lots of our cabinets.

  3. Anything to get me organized would be a great start! I wish someone could just come in and take over! My goal is to do better….baskets are a great and functional way to get started! Great post!

  4. The baskets are gorgeous! One of my goals for 2014 is to declutter and be more organized. You've inspired me to get some baskets.

  5. Baskets are my favorite weapon against clutter – they add wonderful storage and great texture to any space…love your room!!

  6. Are these the PB Havana Utility Baskets? They are perfect for your space! I think I may have to order some for myself. 🙂

    1. Yes, they are the PB Havana Utility Baskets! Love them! I will add the full description to the post. Thanks!

  7. I love them! They look perfect there. You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again tomorrow at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  8. My daughter uses galvanized buckets on the shelf her husband made her. They work perfectly. Found you on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.

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