Weekend Pupdate #52

There are 52 weeks in a year

and do you know what that means?…

Today is the last official “Weekend Pupdate.”

Rosie will still pop up in my posts from time to time

but I think documenting her first year with us is probably enough.
I mean really, how much adventure can one golden retriever have?

I guess if you are Rosie
you always manage to get yourself into some kind of predicament!

Friday night for instance,
she gave us a bit of a scare.

The evening began with my husband and boys innocently working on a project for the upcoming school science fair.  The project was the “Floating Orb”.  They attempted to float a cluster of tinsel over a PVC pipe using static electricity.  First they would rub the pipe on my hair- because mine seemed to have the most static!  (Note to self…find a new shampoo!)  They would hold the tied tinsel over the pipe and the ball of tinsel would magically float above the pipe.  

The kids were thrilled but what we didn’t notice at first was that Rosie was thrilled too.  In fact she was so thrilled that she jumped into the air and snatched the ball of tinsel and gobbled it up!  I screamed and tried desperately to retrieve the tinsel from her mouth…but it was long gone.  

That’s when the fun began.  Or I should say – that’s when my hypochondria kicked in!  First I checked on the internet because I seemed to remember that tinsel is dangerous for pets.  Well sure enough, there were all kinds of warnings how tinsel can get caught in an animal’s intestines and could require surgery to remove it.  I quickly called Animerge (since it was after hours and I knew our vet would not be open.)  They instructed me to induce vomiting with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.  If after 15 minutes, she didn’t throw up, I was to give her 2 more tablespoons.  If that didn’t work, I would have to bring her in. Yes, let me remind you that the “blizzard” had already begun at that point.  It had been snowing for several hours and the roads were in no shape to be driving a dog to an emergency vet that was a half hour away!

We took out a turkey baster, filled it with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and forced her to swallow it.  Not fun.  Then we waited.  Nothing happened except she looked very displeased with me.  After 15 minutes, she did not throw up so I called back Animerge and voiced my concern.  I was thrilled to discover that our vet happened to be the one on call that night so I felt more comfortable taking instructions from the assistant I spoke with earlier.  I asked if I could give her food with the next dose and she told me to give her some bread.  The peroxide would fizz up with something in her stomach.  Well, sure enough, this time it worked.  I was never so thrilled to see a dog throw up.  I am sure she was wondering why we were cheering for her!  I will spare you the disgusting details, but let’s just say, I recovered the tinsel and everyone was happy!  

I am never allowing tinsel in this house again!  My husband has been complaining for years that I won’t let him put tinsel on the Christmas tree.  Why this was so important to him, I don’t know.  But needless to say, he will never get his silly wish!  My doggie is too important!

Rosie was unhappy with me that evening,

but by the next morning she was back to her usual self.

  The snow storm was a dream come true for her.

  She would have stayed out there all weekend if I let her!

Digging in the snow is serious business!

Never a dull moment around here!

I can honestly say this has been a wonderful first year of dog ownership!  

Sure we have had some challenges and I definitely didn’t love those first few months of waking up during the night!  In the beginning, there were times when I could have given her back!

But as time went on, I got into a routine, things got easier and I grew to love that sweetheart more and more each day!  She turned this cat-person into a full blown dog person!

Rosie has become such an important part of our family.  I love that my kids will grow up with a dog in their lives.  And as far as dogs go, we really lucked out!  Not only is she playful and silly like most golden retrievers, but she is also so sweet and loving.  If it weren’t for all that shedding, she would be perfect!

My advice to anyone who is considering buying a dog is to do your research.  Find a breed that will work with your family and living situation.

If you plan to get a puppy, be prepared for a couple of months of hard work.  It really is like having a baby in the beginning!

 I hope you have enjoyed reading my Weekend Pupdates 

as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

I am so glad I now have a diary of her first year

with pictures to go with every silly adventure!

If you still need a weekly golden retriever puppy update,

my new friends, Nancy and Bethany over at Powell Brower Home

are doing a “Weekend Puppy Update”!

Now you can get your puppy fix over there!
Nancy’s new sweet puppy Gibbs will make your heart melt!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Aww, I love Rosie, even though she can be a horrible stinker sometimes! I am so glad that everything worked out okay and that she is healthy. What a fun year!!

  2. So glad she is okay and I will miss her weekly updates. Can't believe it has been a year already. She is so pretty and do share more stories.

  3. It's been so much fun, I'll miss seeing what mischief that cute girl is getting into! Thanks for sharing her first year with us!

  4. You are such a good dog mama to induce vomiting – I'm sure it was stressful and not fun!! Oh my goodness though, that dog is just so pretty, and looks like she is so fun to have in your family – worth every moment of stress right? I can't believe she's already a year – that went fast! Enjoy her for all the years ahead.

  5. Rosie is such a pretty girl! So glad she is well and you didn't have to take her into the animal hospital. Has it really been a year?! Time flies!!

  6. Oh I will miss the updates!! She is such a beautiful dog…and so lucky to be in a loving home like yours! We've had to induce vomiting a couple times…and now Ryan's parents have a goldendoodle, who is full of mischief! They forgot ALL about how crazy a puppy can be…but they do grow out of it…like Rosie has! Love her!!

  7. Thanks for visiting me! Rosie is SO pretty! There is nothing more beautiful than a golden puppy! Our Andy is getting older, 7 years old, makes me sad. We adore him! He gets a puppy cut in the summer so the house gets a break from shedding hair. Also makes him look much younger, strangers ask if he is a puppy.

  8. I love re reading these posts about sweet Rosie. Why is it Goldens are vacuums and eat everything! It is scary. Gibbs has already been sick a few times because of something he ate. Thanks for the shout out and I hope you keep posting about Rosie cause she is so beautiful and the fun never ends!xoxoNancyPowellbrowerhome.com

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