A Week of Reviews – A Product

No, not beer…

Although my iced tea does look like beer in this picture!
Well, it is Friday.
Maybe I should be reviewing a cocktail recipe…

(Who is that ball of fur trying to get in the picture?!!)

Actually, today I am reviewing my

Picardie Glass Tumblers

from Williams Sonoma.

I agree, the above picture is a bit dull,
but it is raining today so we don’t have the best lighting to deal with!

So, here is a picture of my glasses on a nice sunny day!

This shot is from last year’s table setting,

Beachy Brunch

(if you want to see more.)


back to the glasses…

via williams sonoma

 The Picardie Tumblers

are made from a heavyweight tempered glass

and in the few years that I have owned them,

I think I have only broken one!

I have dropped them many times though

and have been amazed at how durable they are!

Instead of breaking into little sharp pieces,

the glass broke into little beads.

So it was a little easier to clean up.

As far as washing goes,

they have stayed streak-free in the dishwasher.

I used to have glasses that would get a white discoloration at the top

after too many washings.

The Picardie glasses haven’t done that at all.

Not only are they durable, but they are a good weight,
and they have a nice classic look.

I would definitely recommend the Picardie Tumblers
for a casual every day glass.
(I am not getting compensated in any way to recommend them.
Williams Sonoma doesn’t even know who I am!)

Now, about that cocktail…
It is already 5:00 here!
Have a nice weekend everyone!

What kind of every day glasses do you use?

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  1. Love your Beachy Brunch table setting!! But I am still missing the cocktail recipe, Shelley ;-)) Your tumblers are really nice…Have a sunny weekendJutta

  2. You've had quite the summer! I enjoyed catching up with your posts. The glasses are pretty, and I love that table setting.

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