Weekend Pupdate #38 and #39

Yes, I combined two Pupdates this week

 due to the power outage and my trip to Charleston.

 As I posted on Friday, our power is back

and things are getting back to normal around here! 

Let’s talk about Rosie.

Here she is while we were preparing for the storm two weeks ago.

 It was nothing but fun and games for her!

She had to get in on the gutter cleaning action.

Whenever we threw debris out of the gutters,

she had to run and chase it.

Very exciting.


But once the rain began,

she was stuck inside most of the time.

So sad.

(Needless to say, that patio furniture had to be moved

 after the winds kicked up.)

Rosie helped us find roof shingles after the storm.

And although Halloween was cancelled here,

she dressed up anyway.

She kept trying to bite her costume though.

 Get this ridiculous thing off me!

Why do I have to wear this?

And when our nor’easter hit the other day,

we only ended up with a little snow here.

But it was the highlight of Rosie’s week!

 She was running around the deck like a lunatic.

I had to stop her because I thought she would slip and break a leg or something!

But she had the best time!

And although we did not enjoy the power outage one bit,

I had a feeling Rosie just loved it.

The kids were home every day

and the house stayed cool, just like she likes it!

Happy Veterans Day!

How have you been this week?

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  1. So glad to hear your area didn't experience much damage. The picture of her looking at the rain is so cute, she knows exactly what's up! We had snow yesterday and Rio is just the same, she tears around the yard and then starts rolling in it!

    1. She can be a bit of trouble at times, but I wouldn't trade her for the world! – Oh and she is a golden retriever not a yellow lab (although they are very similar).

  2. Look at Rosie! She is gorgeous! I can't believe that you got a Halloween costume on her. I tried to wrangle Big George into a jersey and he went wild!Kerry at HouseTalkN

  3. She is so beautiful! I am enjoying these updates! Very clever of you… I'll keep following.xo NancyPowellbrowerhome.com

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