How I Have Dealt With Hurricane Sandy

I’m almost ashamed to admit this…But I began writing this post from my iPhone….

In Charleston, SC!

For the past few months, my friends and I have been planning this trip.  Because of the hurricane, most of the girls bailed out but two of us decided to fly down and meet our friend.

Regarding the whole hurricane recovery, it’s not like I jumped ship and abandoned my family.  Originally, I thought about cancelling my trip.  Then at the last minute on Thursday morning, my husband insisted that if our flight is still leaving, then we should be on it!  So, I reluctantly packed and with tears in my eyes I kissed my family goodbye while we stood outside by our generator.

Sure, I cried on the airplane and I swear if my friend didn’t snag the aisle seat, I would have charged off that plane before they slammed that cabin door shut!  Of course, I felt like a bad mom leaving my family but I also knew that my husband wouldn’t tell me to go unless he really meant it. 

First, we flew to Charlotte, NC where our friend lives.  That night, we had dinner that night at Mac’s in Charlotte (great barbeque) and then slept at her house.  First thing Friday morning, we were on the road to Charleston.  Basically, I think it took a little over 2 1/2 hours to drive.  Once we arrived, I realized how much I needed a little vacation!

Cheers to that!

As I’ve probably mentioned, I had never been to Charleston before and I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations.  What a lovely city!  And wherever we went, people showed us such compassion about the hurricane.  They had so many comments about what they saw on the news.  Overall, I think they knew more that I did!  Since we had been without power since Monday, October 29th, the only news I could get was through the newspaper and occasional posts on Facebook through my phone.  Seriously, I have never been on Facebook more than I have in the past week!

While I was away, I was able to check my blog and emails a few times and I want to thank you all for your concern.   I will swing by today to write back.  I miss all my blogger friends! 

When I can, I’ll write a full post about Charleston.  We just arrived home yesterday evening so I am spending as much time as possible enjoying my family!  As you can imagine, I missed them SO much!…and of course Rosie too.  Of course, I still have to write her Weekend Pupdate for this week.

**Update – You can find my Charleston posts here:

As of right now, we are STILL WITHOUT POWER.  Luckily, our generator is chugging along…although it had a problem on Saturday.  My husband’s friend, who own’s a car repair shop, actually left his business to come over to our house to fix the generator.  He ended up taking apart the motor and got it running for us.  Obviously, we were so grateful.  Though we do have occasional cable/internet which allows me to write this without having to rely on the little portable hot spot I used a bit last week. 

Our land line phones are still out of order.  Luckily when we have the generator going, we can charge everything.  At one point this week, cell phones were barely getting signals because of all the use.  I was only able to text or for some reason, if I stood in front of my house in the street, my phone could pick up a signal.  I guess some of my neighbors had the same issue because I kept seeing people talking on their cell phones out on the street.  We live in a very close knit community but lately we have seen even more of our neighbors than ever!  Everyone has been helping each other out in one way or another.  It makes me love where I live even more!

The power company is working hard all over the area to restore power.  We’ve seen crews from companies as far away as Ohio helping out!  In times of crisis, you realize how people really come together.  Yes, we feel very lucky.

Friends and neighbors have been wonderful.  The people who do have power have been so generous to open up their homes to those that do not.  Luckily, since we can hook our generator up to heat, hot water and some electrical outlets, we have not had to take anyone up on their offer.  Although, I may be bringing some laundry to my sister in law’s house later today since our washer and dryer are not hooked into the generator panel.  Our next door neighbor does not have a generator so we have a long extension cord connecting our generator to their sump pump and outside refrigerator.  They have been over to use our shower several times.

New Jersey is using the odd-even system to keep gas lines down.  If your license plate ends in odd, you can get gas on the odd days and even on the even days.  Luckily, we have one of each so that isn’t an issue and it doesn’t apply for people filling up gas containers for their generators since that is a separate line.  The gas lines had been so bad in the middle of the week, that my husband and next door neighbor did a gas run to Pennsylvania at 10:00 o’clock at night on Wednesday.  Whenever one of us goes out to fill up a gas container, we pick up some for several of our neighbors who need it too. 

My kids did not have school all last week and are off again today.  In New Jersey, Halloween was postponed until tonight but I think our area will be postponing again due to the power outages.  I am so proud of my boys for making the best of things.  They have been very well behaved and during the hours when we turn off the generator to conserve gas, they have kept themselves busy.  They even helped pick up sticks and roof shingles in our back yard the other day.

Or course while I was away, my husband told me they used the wheel barrel to push each other down the hill.  Ugh…I guess I have to choose not to worry about what happens when Daddy is in charge!

Today, I’m taking the kids out to drop off some supplies at a local shelter.  I think this is a good opportunity to remind the boys that there is always some way they can help and also learn to appreciate what they have.

My heart just breaks for the people in the northeast who lost so much in this storm.  Sherry from Sheer Serendipity left me a message that her home was hit hard.  She lost everything.  Please stop by and give her your support.  When I see pictures of all the devastation, I just want to cry.  Please send your prayers to those families and donate to the Red Cross if you can. 

I also want to send a huge thank you to our awesome governor Chris Christie!  He is a Jersey guy through and through and is doing everything he can to get our state back in business.  There is no one else I would rather have in charge in a time like this!  We love you Christie!

Thanks again everyone, for all of your thoughts and prayers.  Like I said, I will stop by to visit today.  I am so behind with my blog reading!  I hope everyone is safe and well.

Did you have any experiences with Hurricane Sandy?

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  1. Shelley, I am so sorry for how much this has affected you and your family with the power outages. I'm so glad your home wasn't damaged badly and that you are all safe. I feel so badly for all these people who lost family members and whose homes were destroyed. My sister in law and family live in NYC and they are okay but some of their family's homes were flooded out. What a reminder to be thankful for each and every day and not take it all for granted. Hang in there and hope your power is restored soon.

  2. From the Midwest Sandy seems like a movie. I seriously can't wrap my head around it. Glad your family is safe! I'm hoping you get power back very soon!!

  3. I have been thinking of you and your family. Power outages are never easy. It is always hot here, so I cannot imagine how the cold would feel. The not knowing drives me crazy. Please stop by Uptown Acorn and let me know how you are doing. You are in my thoughts and prayers. xo

    1. Thanks Ron – yes, it is getting colder here but luckily we have our generator hooked up to our heat!

  4. oh, you lucky girl, slipping away….sounds like it was good for you!!facebook has been my lifeline this week as it was easy to access from my iphone. our town kept us updated as "did jersey shore hurricane news", you should join if you have not already.our power has been restored after 6 days and i could not be happier. my niece lost her entire home, everything, gone….just like that. thanks for stopping by it's all about purple….we love our jersey shores, more now then ever!!

    1. Hi Debbie – thanks for swinging by! So glad to hear you now have power and so sorry to hear about your niece's home. Take care and let's hope this week's storm is not that bad!

  5. Hi Shelley, Thank you for mentioning me in your post…Other wonderful bloggers who had read your post left messages and prayers for us. It is so wonderful to see the coming together in times of need.I called for disaster assistance and they said that this hurricane was bigger than hurricane Katrina. It is unimaginable the devastation it had caused the east coast. Everyone by the coast is displaced, no power, no cell service, no heat, no home yet at these terrible times is when you see how wonderful people are…There has been an out pouring of help from all over. I am so overwhelmed, I don't even know where to start. We shall get through this too…My sister who lives in Marlboro, New Jersey was out of power until yesterday, I hope you also got your power back.Thank you again!

    1. Sherry, if there is any way you can think of that you need help, I will try to get the word out. Please do not hesitate to ask!

  6. Oh Shelley, I am so sorry to read that you are still without power. Luckily your family was so well prepared and you have your generator. It's so refreshing to read how everyone in your neighborhood came together. Taking items to the shelter with your boys was really kind of you. The lesson you gave them…priceless. Hope things get back to normal for you and your family very soon. My family was really lucky. They live in Burlington County and had minor issues.

  7. Hope things get better for you soon as with your neighbors, so great that everyone is hell ping and looking out for each other. Take care and be safe.

  8. I'm glad you all are well. My SIL was a victim of the Nashville flood a few years ago and lost everything. It is almost more than a human soul can take. Don't worry about returning a visit to me…just be safe and enjoy your family!

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