What I Would Really Love for Mother’s Day

Sure, for Mother’s Day I’d love a new kitchen, I nice vacation…

Pink Rose


What I Would Really Love for Mother’s Day is

for time to stand still.

Rum Point Grand Cayman

At least for a little while.

At this very moment in my life, things are just the way I want them to be.  Everyone is healthy, the boys are doing well in school and they are loving their sports and other activities.

Yankee and Met hats

Yes, we have a Yankee and a Met in our house.

Spring in NJ

We have been enjoying time outdoors in this lovely weather,

Golden Retriever puppy

The puppy has adapted very well and has become easy,

We have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of quality time with friends and family lately.

The boys are at that age where they are independent enough to do many things on their own,

Boys in Disneyworld

yet are still sweet and innocent in so many ways.

They still enjoy snuggling (most of the time), they love playing together and are best friends, (unless they are trying to kill each other!).

Brothers in Disneyworld

They always get excited about new things and still think their parents are the greatest people in the world!

This year, they couldn’t wait to give me some of the things they made me for Mother’s Day.

The little one made me this container to hold the seeds he planted.

School made gift - the best kind!

He is very proud of this “plant” he gave me!

When he got off the bus with it yesterday, he was clutching the bag against his chest – trying his best to conceal his surprise.

Once we got in the house, he was so excited that he had to give it to me right away.  I had tears in my eyes because he was so proud of himself.  He had to make sure he told me that he decorated the container.

My older son gave me one of his gifts too.

Mother's Day gifts from kids

When I opened his backpack Thursday, he thought I saw my presents and was very mad at me.

He threatened to throw everything out because I spoiled my surprise.

Then he felt bad and handed this to me with tears in his eyes.


But like I said, I would love if time could just stand still just for a little while…

What I would really love for Mother's Day - for time to stand still!

My little one will be starting first grade in the fall.  Where we live, kindergarten is half day so I have been used to spending quality time with him every afternoon.  I will miss our lunches, our walks and all of the one on one time we’ve had.

My older son will be starting 3rd grade which just seems so unbelievable since it feels like he was just born!  I hope he continues to love school and can stay sweet and innocent as long as possible.

I am looking forward to spending the day with my boys tomorrow.  And even though they can’t make time stand still,  I hope they realize they have already given me the best gift ever…the privilege of being their mom.

(But it wouldn’t hurt if someone took the puppy out in the morning so I can sleep!)


Have a Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

What are your plans for tomorrow?

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  1. I wish time could standstill as well sometimes. My oldest just turned 10 and I'm in complete denial. I am excited for all my home-made presents tomorrow morning with my breakfast in bed tradition AND I will just be teary-eyed and hugging all day tomorrow. I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day too.

  2. Those gifts they make are the best. Yes if we could just make time slow down. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

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