Weekend Pupdate #40

The little fool was up to her usual antics this week.

Rosie has gotten into a bad habit lately of trying to lick the dishes when I put them in the dishwasher.  I can’t stand when she does this and we always yell, “Out with the snout!” when she sticks her nose in there.

The other day, I was rinsing some dishes in the sink while the dishwasher door was open.  I guess I didn’t notice her there at first but then all of a sudden I heard this crashing sound.  I looked down to discover that Rosie’s collar got caught on the dishwasher basket/tray and she freaked out.  She pulled the entire bottom tray (which was full of dishes, I might add) out of the dishwasher and was frantically dragging it across the kitchen while trying to break free.  All I could see was a blur of flying dishes and flailing dog legs.  Somehow, I was able to release her collar allowing her to bolt into the family room in horror.

Luckily, only a few dishes broke but it was all worth it in the end because she has not come withing 3 feet of that dishwasher ever since!

One of her more subdued activities this week involved observing the men across the street while they removed and replaced our neighbor’s roof.  Several houses on our street suffered major roof damage in the hurricane.  I was relieved that we only lost a few shingles and a piece of metal flashing on the back.  But this “excitement” across the street kept Rosie busy on and off for hours.  

And her most relaxing activity of the week involved sleeping on the couch.  Yes, I always swore that we would NEVER allow our dog to sit on the furniture!  That was one of the rules my husband and I agreed to before the little beast came along.  In fact, my husband has always claimed that he is not a dog person.  Yes, those are my husband’s hands in the picture.  Does that look like someone who does not like dogs to you?  I think Rosie has won him over!

So, another adventurous week with Rosie comes to an end.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for Thanksgiving!  We are expecting about 20 people so she better be on her best behavior!

Did you have any adventures this week?

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  1. I can't believe this story! A few years ago, my SIL and BIL were visiting. Their golden did the exact same thing. Broken dishes everywhere.

  2. I had to share with my boys, we're all sitting here cracking up! The first Thanksgiving we had Rio she jumped up putting her paws on the counter in an attempt to get the turkey while we were all in the dining room. I flew across the room! Hope your day isn't as adventurous! 🙂

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