If Your Kids Are Into Legos…

They would love the…

Lego Americana Roadshow!

Recently, we stumbled upon this fun and FREE event at the Bridgewater, NJ Mall.

Displayed all over the mall are large scale Lego models of famous U.S. Landmarks being shown through April 17, 2016.

Lego Capitol Building - part of the Lego Americana Roadshow!

Yes, this model of the  U.S. Capitol building is made entirely of Legos!  Amazing, right?  My son was completely captivated by every display.

Lego US Capitol - part of the Lego Americana Roadshow

The attention to detail is incredible!

Lego US Capitol - from the Lego Americana Roadshow

This picture was taken from the second level so you can see how huge some of these things are!

My son was also excited because we have seen many of the real buildings in person.

Lego model of Old North Church in Boston

This is the Old North Church in Boston and is one of the stops on the famous Freedom Trail.  Ironically, we just traveled to Boston a couple weeks ago and walked the Freedom Trail!  Unfortunately, we stopped for lunch at Stop #12 (Faneuil Hall) and didn’t continue on to the end.  If only we had gone two more stops, we would have seen this in person!  I guess this Lego model is the closest we will get for awhile!

Lego Display sign from the Lego Americana Roadshow

As you can see, each model sits next to a sign which explains the historical significance of the building.  It also includes details about the model such as how many hours it took to build.

Liberty Bell made of Legos - Lego Americana Roadshow

I loved the Liberty Bell.  I don’t think my kids have seen the real one in person yet.  Time for a road trip to Philadelphia!

Lego model - Independence Hall - Philiadelphia

And while we are in Philly, we can stop by Independence Hall!

Lego Ski Resort

Our family has really gotten into skiing these past few years so we thought this one was cute.  This is just one of the smaller displays.  Almost everything else is a famous building or landmark.

Speaking of landmarks..

LEGO Statue of Liberty - Lego Americana Roadshow

And that’s just a handful of what is on display right now.  If you are in the area, stop by the Bridgewater Mall and check them out.  It’s such a fun family activity whether your kids are into Legos, or not!  (Mine of course, still are!)

Here is the website so you can see if the models are traveling to your area – The Lego Americana Roadshow.

Do you have any Lego fans in your house?



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  1. My son would really enjoy looking at those. He was a huge lego fan when he was younger. He no longer plays with them, but would be fascinated by those hand built creations. Who wouldn't be? Very impressive!

  2. My cousin was just telling me about this display last weekend. Our middle son was obsessed with Legos when he was younger so we definitely want to try to get there. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

  3. How fun is this?! Forget the kids, I'd like to see these amazing structures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, what a great way to inspire kids to learn about history!!! thanks for linking up with Funtastic Friday!

  5. cool! we went to an artist lego exhibit at the franklin institute in philadelphia about a year ago..it was all sorts of neat stuff, and paintings done in legos, but i'd love to see the magnitude of these!b

  6. Even if your kids aren't into Lego's this is cool! What a neat exhibit. Thanks for linking up with us at The Wednesday Showcase!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! My kids will love this, and it is coming to our area this summer. Perfect for a day when the kids say "I'm bored."

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! My kids will love this, and it is coming to our area this summer. Perfect for a day when the kids say "I'm bored."

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