The Shelves are Up!

Last week, I couldn’t decide how to hang my 3 new Pottery Barn ledge shelves in my dining room.  

Instead of setting up a “bar” underneath, I decided to hang them the original way I had planned.

Anyway, here is the wall before the shelves went up:

(The blank wall on the left – Before)


And here is the after:

My husband talked me into hanging the top shelf the same height at the top of the china cabinet. 

I am thinking maybe they are a little high.

Unfortunately they have to stay the way they are…

They were a bit of a pain to hang up because our wall bowed out a little in the middle! 

Now my plan is to add a little more height to the top of the china cabinet.  For instance, I’m thinking of buying some of those rustic white urns/vases from Pottery Barn…or something like them.

I know these pictures are a little dark…

I was so excited when we got them up Saturday night that I took pictures then.

This is a northern room so it doesn’t get much natural light on this wall anyway.

I will probably change the display a million times but this will do for now.

I might change the picture on the left wall to something bigger/taller.

Here is one shot from this morning – not much difference in lighting!

Anyway, that’s one project done…well kind of…

Since it has now caused me to want to add more to the top of the china cabinet!

Does that ever happen to you?

Do you end up finishing one project only to create another in the process?


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  1. They look great! I have some of those sitting around waiting to be hung too! You just inspired me to get by bum in gear!

  2. Shelley, They look great! We have similar shelves in the kitchen eating area and love to decorate them according to seasons/holidays. Your shelves look very elegant.Kinga

  3. Oh, I love this…and your dining room is exquisite!!! and love your chandelier…beautiful!XO

  4. Oh, I think it came out just fabulous! And, I love your idea of adding white items from Pottery Barn to the top of your china hutch, that will tie everything together so nicely.Isn't it funny how we can think of doing one way and then rethink ourselves, only to go back to the original plan. We need to rely on our instincts more, lol.Just lovely!

  5. Hey there! Thanks for visiting today. Your shelves look great and so does your blog. I'll be following and look forward to seeing more completed projects. Nicely done!!Barb

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