How To Choose the Best Bath Towels

Every now and then, I go on a search for the perfect bath towel. It usually takes awhile, because I think you need to break in a towel a little to know how it will hold up!  Today, I am going to share my tips on how to choose the best bath towels.  After performing my own “unscientific towel review”, I tell you which ones I liked the best…

How to choose the best bath towels

Consider these things when choosing the best bath towels for you:


In my home, I prefer white and not just because Nate Berkus says so!  Actually, I like white because that’s what goes best in my master bathroom.


After all, you need to dry off right?  I like the towel to start doing its job right away.  I’ve tried some that just seem to push the water around on your skin…not ideal.


Sometimes when they are too fluffy, they feel like a blanket just sitting on you.  In my experience, I find that those tend to be the ones that don’t absorb very well.


I like to wrap the towel around me comfortably so a light to medium weight works best for me.  When they are too heavy, they get bulky and fall off.

white bath towels

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In my search for the best bath towels, these were my front-runners:

Royal Velvet and Nautica (which I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond)

Both brands are soft but not too fluffy, absorbent and not too heavy.  They are very reasonably priced too. The only flaw is they have a little of that “fuzzies in the dryer adjustment period”. But hey, I can live with that!

What is your criteria to choose the best bath towels?

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  1. Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you comments. And, it's so nice to see someone else has a thing about towels, I'm the same way with my sheets. If they aren't just right, I won't buy them. I've actually been purchasing both at HomeGoods, for the last couple of years. Their variety of good quality is really great,and of course at the right prices always.Have a great week and hope you stop by again soon.Joni

  2. I have a horrible time choosing towels! In fact, our last set got threadbare because I just couldn't commit! Thanks for the towel recommendations. I'm on the lookout for towels for the kids' bathroom. I've been to Bed Bath & Beyond, but there was such a huge selection, I didn't know where to start! lol! I really don't know why I struggle so much with towels..it's the only thing I can't seem to choose in life! 🙂

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