Movie Review – A Lighthearted Romantic Comedy

Who else is a fan of a good lighthearted romantic comedy?

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About a week and a half ago, I got together with a group of girlfriends for movie night in my neighbor’s theater room.  (Now, why don’t I have a theater room? – I have to work on that…)

Anyway, we ended up watching “Just Go with It”.  Well, I must say I was pleasantly surprised!  Awhile back, I remember seeing the previews for the movie. Even though it looked cute, I didn’t feel compelled to run out and see it.

But let me tell you, this movie was adorable!

First of all, the cast was entertaining and likable.  In my opinion, Adam Sandler is always a sweetheart and he didn’t do any of that silly voice thing can be annoying sometimes!  Of course, Jennifer Aniston was just darling as usual.  How can you not love her?  In addition, Nicole Kidman was absolutely hysterical and prettier than ever.  I kept wishing for her to show up in more scenes.  I have liked her even more since she has been married to Keith Urban!  How can she not be the most wonderful person!  The best friend, played by Nick Swardson was a little irritating but I found myself laughing out loud at his silliness.  Brooklyn Decker, who played Adam Sandler’s character’s new girlfriend was sweet and played her role well.  And the kids in the movie were quite funny!

Oh, and to top it off, Sting/Police music played throughout the movie!

Gee, I wonder if there is a movie soundtrack?

Although, the plot was a bit predictable and the ending was obvious, we all laughed our heads off and enjoyed every minute of it!  This movie was everything you could want in a lighthearted romantic comedy!

 Just Go with It

If you are looking for a very funny romantic comedy, grab a bucket of popcorn and check this movie out.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Oh – how could I forget…part of the movie was filmed at the Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii!  You know I adore the islands!  No wonder I loved this movie!

But I have to say, my number one favorite romantic comedy is this adorable classic!  See if you agree with me!

Do you have any lighthearted romantic comedies to recommend?

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  1. I wouldn't mind a movie room myself, especially since I have been stuck at home with a nasty cold these past 5 days! I haven't heard of this movie, but I always enjoy Adam Sandler. His movie, The Wedding Singer, has to be on my top ten list!

  2. I love romcoms, and I had completely forgotten about this movie. I love Adam Sandler (ever since his SNL days) so I have to add it to my list!Have you seen 27 Dresses? It's a few years old, but I loved that movie. Also, believe it or not, I quite liked When in Rome. That was a cute little movie with some very funny characters.I'm really liking your week of reviews idea!

  3. Adam Sandler is a doll. Loved the Wedding Singer too, Heather! And thanks for the suggestions, Yvonne. I haven't seen either of those so I will put them on my list. And since I am obsessed with Rome (and all of Italy), I am very excited about that one!

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