Choosing Colors

I am in the early stages of changing my 7 year old’s room – ah, better make that 7 1/2 year old’s room (he would correct me if he saw that!) from a baby blue baby-ish room to a cool big kid room.  He still likes blue – just not the “baby” kind of blue.

Right now, he has the top color on this color sample.

(Bright and Early – Benjamin Moore)

The sample is sitting on top of his Thomas Desk

 from Pottery Barn which will stay in the room.

It has the Rustic Honey finish which kind of has a orangish tint to it.

His new full size bed will have the same finish.

Here are some things that will stay in the room:

He still loves this poster of old trains.

I thought I might add a few vintage pieces of art to the room.

I am thinking of changing from baby blue to a grayish blue color.

He likes Blue Heather and Little Falls.

I think they will work with the wood.

What do you think?

To compare:

The top right is the current color.

The left 3rd and 4th are what we are thinking.

(Actually they kind of all look the same on here…)

But like I said,

I am in the early stages

and I still haven’t decided on bedding.

He wants a lot of navy in the room.

As you may remember, I painted this chair…

The red curtains will change to something lighter.

For bedding,

I am thinking a little Ralph Lauren-ish.

Maybe go for a Rustic/Vintage/Americana Look?

So this room would look a little bit country.

My younger son has a nautical room.

So one would be country and the other calypso…

What a coincidence!

(And what do you you know – I didn’t even plan that!)


I could change my mind tomorrow…

But I am trying to start somewhere…

What do you think of the colors with the wood?

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  1. If you're thinking nautical/Ralph Lauren/Americana Vintage I would look at either a pale grey paint as a back drop to vibrant navy/red/white, or you could look at a clearer, brighter blue to freshen up the room. Failing that classic whites will go with everything. The warm honey/cedar wood will work with a lot of colours.Hope this helps?Happy Island Styling.Zoe

  2. If I have to choose, I would look for a brighter color. …but I'm just a girl ;-)Have a nice weekend, Shelley!!Jutta

  3. ooohhh, I love both those colors!! I'm leaning towards the lighter shade. can't wait to see it all come together!!

  4. Thanks everyone – It's so great to get opinions from blogs I admire! I will keep you updated on my choices!-Shelley

  5. I am just horrible about picking out colors. I usually have to go back and forth to the paint store buying many, many samples. I definitely like your gray blues. I'm anxious to see how the room turns out!

  6. Judging by how the light hits the current color, I think you are smart to explore greys. I think you'll still get a tinge of blue, but not as intense as the baby blue you have now. Personally, I like light to keep the room open, but that's just me. Can't wait to see what you decide on!

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