Charleston on My Mind and Summer Happenings

I can’t wait to read all the Haven Conference recaps from this past weekend in Atlanta.  Unfortunately, I had to miss the conference this year but you can read all about my experience as a “newbie” there last year – Haven Conference – A Newbie’s Perspective.

And you can bet I will do everything in my power to attend next year!  While scanning Instagram this weekend, I came across a few posts announcing that next year’s conference will be held in Charleston, SC!  I adore that city!  Ever since I traveled there on a girl’s weekend a few years ago, I have been dying to go back.

Beautiful Charleston Home

I think I will plan to arrive a few days early to tour that lovely city again.  There is so much to do and see and each home is more beautiful than the next.  If you are planning a trip, be sure to check out my 3 Charleston posts for some helpful tips…

Speaking of girl’s weekends…many years ago, one of my dearest friends and I traveled to the fabulous seaside town of Newport Rhode Island.

Marble House Newport Rhode Island

 Girl’s Weekend in Newport Rhode Island

We have been talking about going back and hopefully we will make the trip up there sometime in August.  I guess I better get moving on that since July is flying by!

Adirondack Chairs at Castle Hill in Newport Rhode Island

Not only would we love to explore and enjoy the town but there is another attraction that we MUST add to our list.  I will give you a hint…

Beautiful by Mark D Sikes - My new favorite design book

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I have been devouring every page of this gorgeous book, Beautiful by Mark D. Sikes and I was thrilled to learn that Mark Sikes decorated the 2017 – Coastal Living Idea House in yes, you guessed it…Newport, Rhode Island!!!  The house is open for tours from now through September 4th so I HAVE TO find a way to get up there before it ends!

Other than that, we have been staying close to home…just making trips back and forth to the Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore Beach

We have had some beautiful beach days and warm water temperatures.  Though, some of the days have been scorching hot!  Luckily the ocean breezes have made it bearable!

Which is more than I can say for the days we are back home…

Wet Golden Retriever

Poor Rosie had to resort to sprinkler chasing to stay cool!  Actually, it’s one of her favorite activities so we let her do it on those really hot days.  Of course, we pay later when our house smells like wet-dog!  Ugh!

How has your summer been going?

Any plans to visit the Coastal Living Idea House?

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  1. I cannot get to RI, but I have been to Charleston. Lovely city with great low country food!

  2. Shelley, Charleston is beautiful and I need to return very soon. We were in Newport last fall and iI was excited to see all of the mansions! Happy travels!

  3. We sure arrived home from Charleston this Tuesday and visit Newport at least a few times a year. Both are such lovely old timey seaside towns.

  4. I've been both places but it has been a while. Charleston is my favorite! I would love to visit Charleston and do the spring garden and home tours. I think Haven should switch to spring or fall. It is so hot in July.

  5. Love Charleston and cant wait to go to Haven 2018 there. Thanks for the great travel ideas.

  6. Ha, you're a Charleston connoisseur! I'm so looking forward to Haven 2018 and I really hope we can meet there. 🙂

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