Take Me Away – January 2017 Recap

The Take Me Away party started out a little slow for the first month of the year.  I think most of us were still recovering from all the holiday craziness!  I know I was!

Plus, who had time anyway with all those resolutions, organizing goals and new gym memberships?…  But now that we have come to our senses and realized we aren’t really going to exercise or clean as much as we had hoped, we can start focusing on the fun things again – like travel!  

Let’s take a look at the posts you contributed in January…

Carole from the blog, From My Carolina Home shared a lovely mountain sunrise…

December Mountain Living - From My Carolina Home

December Mountain Living

Her photos captured the vibrant colors of a winter sunrise where each moment is more beautiful than the next.  At this point, I am usually scrambling around trying to find my camera before I miss it all!   Carole didn’t miss a thing.  Afterwards, she also shared photos of the variety of bird visitors who stopped by her feeders on that pleasant winter morning.

Pam from Everyday Living took us far away to St. Petersburg, Russia for a stunning palace tour…

The Hermitage - The Winter Palace - Everyday Living blog

The Hermitage – The Winter Palace

Most of us will never be fortunate enough to travel to St. Petersburg, so Pam took us along to experience the fascinating Hermitage Winter Palace.  Such amazing architecture and the largest collection of paintings in the world!

Off to the British Isles to Newcastle upon Tyne

Once Upon A Tyne - Everyday Living Blog

Once Upon a Tyne

Pam took us away to this enchanting city, 280 miles north of London.  What a wonderful series of bridges along the River Tyne!  Not only will you find the bridges unique, but you won’t want to miss the architecture and sights in this delightful city!

Back to the U.S. where Tanya from The Other Side of the Road shared her exciting family vacation to Los Angeles…

Los Angeles Part One - The Other Side of the Road

Los Angeles Part 1

Look at that view!  Between the colorful flowers, the hillside homes and the breathtaking mountains in the distance, this is what we hope to see on a trip to Los Angeles!

But the beautiful LA scenery isn’t over yet because Tanya continued with Part 2 of her trip!…

Los Angeles Part Two - The Other Side of the Road

Los Angeles Part 2

Isn’t this what you would picture for a drive through LA?  Yes, and this was December!  After recently visiting LA myself, I was so excited to see the sites through Tanya’s eyes.  Wow, did she see and do it all!  If you are planning a trip to southern California, be sure to check out both of her posts.  I am taking notes for the next time I visit!

Thank you to everyone who stops by each month!  Whether you are here to link up your own posts or to read others, we always enjoy having you!

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Take Me Away - Travel Link Party

Looking forward to seeing you then!

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