House Projects – Monday Mini Makeover

If you are like me, looking at the endless list of house projects can feel overwhelming.  Sometimes, I have so much to do that I get discouraged and end up accomplishing nothing.

I decided instead of stressing out over everything, I would start tackling my list one small step at a time.  This morning, I looked at my very neglected dresser and decided if I just did a few things, I could freshen it up a bit.

This is how my dresser has been looking these days…


Mini Makeover Before

Yes, stale, uncoordinated, boring…

Mini-Makeover issues to address - Before and After

I have always been frustrated with the cable box sitting there right in the middle.  It really needs to be there for the remote to work properly and I can’t cover it up because I don’t want it to overheat.  Instead, I decided to just work around it.

I like having the plant on the end because the leaves hanging over the edge block the view of the wires behind the dresser when you walk in the room.

None of the picture frames go together and just look like a thrown together mess.

So, I decided to shop my house, because that’s the thing to do if you write a blog.

Shopping the house for a mini-makeover of my dresser

  • First, I changed all my frames to all black ones.  I even swapped out a couple old photos and removed a few to freshen things up a bit.
  • I added an artificial orchid for some height (because I kill real ones anyway) and brought in my faux coral for some texture.  The coral is from Pottery Barn and you might recognize it from my recent mantel redo – Island Dreaming Mantel.

Perfume Tray - part of my mini makeover of my dresser

  • Since my perfumes normally stay hidden under my sink in the bathroom, I displayed them all together on an old neglected tray.  I bought the tray from Southern Living at Home years ago.

Dresser Mini-Makeover - Before and After

  • I left the plant in place to disguise the wires in the back.
  • In my attempt to hide the cable box, I added a candle in a holder on top.  I think it’s small enough so it shouldn’t block the ventilation too much.  There’s not much I can do with that thing.


Mini-Makeover - Before and After using items from around my house

And the mini makeover is done!  Just by moving a few things, it feels fresher and a little more pulled together.

Get this, my husband (who never even notices if I get my hair cut), just says to me, “Oh, I see you’ve changed around some pictures.”  I just laughed.  It’s not like I did something major in there.  In fact, it’s about as mini of a Mini-Makeover you can get!

At least I didn’t spend anything this time so he couldn’t say his usual line to me, “You’re spending money like a drunken sailor!”  Let’s hope when I actually spend some money on a makeover, he doesn’t notice!

Have you done any Mini-Makeovers lately?


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  1. Mmmmm…yes…love very much! Especially the perfume bottles on display. Inspired! Yes, the things we do 'when we blog', eh? Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Shelley… It looks great! It's amazing how minor changes can make a huge impact. Enjoy your week!

  3. I love your perfume on display and your mini-makeover is a big success! Happy Tuesday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. Yes, I do little refreshes like this a lot, because I cannot move the furniture. Your new vignette is lovely, and the candle holder is perfect, looks like a little crown on a pedestal now, not a cable box! So nice to see someone else that likes perfume! So many people complain about it now it is hard to wear out anymore. Many days I spray some on when I get home so I can enjoy wearing it. But I still wear it out on special occasions.

  5. Incredible how a small little "tweak" can make such a difference! Hope your week is going well, Shelley! xoxo

  6. I think mini-makeovers are truly the best ones! You did a great job! Most of the time, those little "eyesores" seem so much bigger under our own scrutiny….it is nice when we can make just a few simple changes and make those eyesores go away!Hugs,Carol

  7. I love the idea of shopping in your own home! Your mini makeover is a winner! I love the difference a few little details can make!

  8. I am always shopping my house. lol! Amazing how just adding a few things made all the difference! Thanks for sharing with SYC.hugs,Jann

  9. I love how you changed it up with things you already had. I try to do that myself. It really looks good! My husband will sometimes ask about something being new and I love it when I can tell him we've had it all along. It was just in storage. He always hopes to "bust me". Ha Ha!

  10. Amazing how a few changes can make such a difference! Looks great! Thanks so much for sharing :)~Laurie

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