Country in the City

Last night was one of those wonderful, live in the moment kind of nights!

My husband and I met up with some friends to see Keith Urban in concert!

(I know, I look like an idiot!)

He played at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.  You’ve probably heard of Newark…

The home to the lovely Newark Airport…The place everyone sees when they fly in to New Jersey and then assumes the whole state looks like that…

Not true.

But enough about Newark.

The main thing is, we weren’t killed in a drive-by shooting,

(Yes, I did ask my husband if his windows were bulletproof! LOL).  We also weren’t robbed or assaulted.  Everyone was very nice.

Jake Owen opened for Keith Urban and was amazing!
Love that guy – watch out Keith…(more on Jake later!)

Back to Keith…

Let me set the scene.

Our seats were on the floor, dead center, row 19.

As we were evaluating our seats,

we noticed a round platform right behind our seats.

We assumed it was for a camera but

we joked that Keith was going to do a song there.

Well get this – HE DID!

Three songs as a matter of fact!

About halfway thru the concert he made his way thru the crowd.

I stood on my seat and literally was 3 feet from him!

Yes, I felt like a giddy little teenager but who cares!

On top of that, he slapped my hand!

I don’t even think I zoomed in to take this!

Keith played all of his hits, some great new songs and the crowd was going wild.

During “Kiss a Girl” he asked for volunteers.

Needless to say I was standing on my seat.

I didn’t get picked though 🙁

He brought 3 audience members up to “audition” and then let the crowd pick the winner.

The guy got to sing the song with Keith and the 2 “runners up” got to sing back up.

I would have died for that chance!

But the hand slap and having him right next to me for 3 songs was almost as good!

I pretty much lost my voice.

I am now partially deaf too.

Oh, but it was SO worth it!

Wait there’s more…

So after the fabulous concert,

my husband and his friend suggested

 we go to the bar down the street.

Why would I want to risk my life

 in downtown Newark at midnight?

 I don’t know, but I agreed and was I glad I did!

Jake Owen (the opening act) was in the bar!

We introduced ourselves and took a couple pictures.

He was the nicest guy (and adorable).

He noticed the golf shirt my husband was wearing and started asking him about golf and they got into this whole long conversation about how Jake played Augusta with his dad and how he has this great picture of him there with his arm around him.  My husband plays a lot of father/son tournaments with his own dad so once they got talking I was like – hello?!!  It was so sweet though because Jake really seemed to enjoy talking to my husband and my husband was just thrilled.  How cute that he was star-struck too!

Anyway, we’re pals now so look for me in the audience at the CMT awards.  LOL!

What a great night to remember!

Do you have any special concert memories?


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  1. How cool was that!? I love that you met the opening act in a bar down the street. What a fun night! Thanks for linking up Flaunt it Friday, of course it "counts" my party is for anything you want to share (that's family friendly of course) 😉

  2. What a fun,fun time! Wow, you had some great seats! I am glad to hear that Newark isn't too bad, since I believe that is where my husband and I are flying into for our trip to NYC. I've been a bit concerned, but after reading your post, I do feel better! 🙂

  3. Are you a Keith Urban fan? LOL, Glad to see you had such a great time. The Jake guy in the pic is not bad on the eyes either.

  4. Love Keith! He lives with Nicole in Nashville. He is always around town. We got to see him at the CMT awards. You can really look for us in the crowd. lolCheck out my pics at

  5. I'm so stinkin' jealous I can't stand it!! My daughter has special needs and Keith has been a huge influence on her, and our whole family. I would love for my daughter to be able to meet him someday and I would love the chance to thank him for what his music has done for my daughter. I'm glad you had such a wonderful night.

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