Touring the Jersey Shore – Past and Present

Our family spent last weekend at the Jersey Shore.  

Not because the weather was fabulous or anything…It was NOT.
But after all it was Memorial Day Weekend
and the kick-off to the summer season!

We have family members who own a house there

so the weekend was more of a family get together

and a chance to see the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

And what an aftermath!

Funtown Pier

This is the view as you enter the Fun Town Pier end of the boardwalk.


More of Fun Town Pier.

Luckily our family’s house was not severely damaged.  During Hurricane Sandy, they had about 6 feet of water in the basement/garage but the living area upstairs was not touched.  Over the past few months they have gutted the basement down to the studs, had the mold professionally removed and then replaced all the drywall and repainted.  It looks as good as new except for the new paint line halfway up the basement stairs that doesn’t match the old paint.  They haven’t replaced the washer and dryer yet but when they do, the new ones will be located upstairs – far away from any flooding threat!

Since the temperature hovered in the 50s and 60s, lying on the beach was not really an option and swimming in the 52 degree water was not either!  We did stroll down to the beach to survey the damage.

The shoreline has definitely changed.

The beach is not as wide as before.

They are in the process of building the sand dunes back up.  They use to be so high, you could not see over them from the street.  But these sand dunes saved this area from severe damage.  Some towns like Ortley Beach didn’t have sand dunes to protect them and those areas were wiped out.

As you saw above, the famous (or maybe infamous) 

Seaside Heights Boardwalk is nearby.

Hurricane Sandy rearranged a few things…

Obviously, they haven’t finished cleaning up all the damage.

As you can see, this part of the boardwalk has already been replaced.  

The taffy sign has not.

How sad is this?

Recently I watched a VIDEO of the roller coaster being torn down.

As you see, the cars are still scattered around
on the empty section of boardwalk.

I prefer to remember things like this though!

My kids were sad to see their favorite places torn apart.  Although I have never been much of a fan of Seaside Heights Boardwalk because of the crowd it has attracted over the years, I now feel very protective of the place.  I have definitely gained a new appreciation for the boardwalk and its history.  I have even gained a new appreciation for the MTV Jersey Shore show.  The cast has come through with some fundraisers for the area so I have to credit them with that!

And as you might have guessed – the ‘Jersey Shore’ house is still attracting visitors…

I hope they are donating the money!

But like I said, my kids were sad to see all the destruction.

We used to enjoy crabbing on this pier.

We also took a ride north on Rt. 35 though
devastated Ortley Beach and on to Mantoloking.

Unbelievable that some areas still look like this 7 months after the storm!


I wonder how much can be saved.

I almost didn’t want to post these because
I am sure these vacation homes were filled with memories.
My heart goes out to all those people who lost their beautiful homes.

But all the flags in this picture give some hope!
Staying Jersey Strong!

We didn’t spend the whole weekend staring at ruins…

We also made time for fun with family… and the doggies!

The picture above was taken at Charlies Ice Cream, one of the many businesses in the area that are up and running.  Despite the war-zone-like photos I showed you above, the Jersey Shore is on its way back baby!

I was disappointed I didn’t get to run into Governor Christie
 wearing his famous fleece sweatshirt though!

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

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  1. Espero que sua família esteja bem. E que este furacão não tenha feito nenhum estrago. É triste ver tanta destruição, mas se não houve vitimas já é uma alegria. Temos que cuidar do planeta não mover dunas, elas protege. Tenha um ótimo verão.

  2. Wow this is heartbreaking.. As a Jersey native myself it breaks my heart to see the boardwalk like this.. As kids we would spend every summer there for 2 weeks.. I so miss my home. I wish I could afford to move back.. It tugs at my heart.. Thank you for posting these photos even if it is bitter sweet,RobynXO

    1. I know, it was sad to see some familiar places destroyed. It wasn't a total disaster though. Like I said, many businesses were up and running and so many streets looked untouched. I just didn't think to take pictures of places and houses that weren't damaged!

  3. Oh gosh, Shelley I had not idea there was still areas is disrepair, it is sad to see. Hope you shared some ice cream with your sweet girl! 🙂

  4. Oh, there's nothing worse than going to a place where it's been damaged by a hurricane, etc…I remember when all of our trees were solid brown from the last major hurricane to hit Destin, Fl. It's not fun! I sure do like seeing pictures of the Jersey Shore though! I've only been once…if that much! I hardly got to see it! It always makes me think of either Bruce Springsteen songs or the movie, Eddie and the Cruisers! Yes, I am sooooo showing my age! We did have a great memorial day at our beach home and enjoyed it with our ENTIRE family! Even my granddaughter! So glad to have to some time to catch up on my favorite bloggers and their posts!

  5. So sad. It breaks my heart to see my childhood memories disappearing. Thanks for giving me the peak. I haven't been back to Jersey this summer. Not sure I can take seeing all the destruction. I hope when they rebuild it is something spectacular!

  6. I grew up going to Seaside every summer with my family just as my father and grandparents had. We haven't gone during the summer in many years because we live in NC now and we have great beaches only two hours away. I know that the area had gotten run down over the years, but hopefully the one good thing that will come from Sandy is that the new improved Seaside will bring more families back to the area and it could be more like the place that I remember from my childhood. Seeing the photos of the area on the news after Sandy had hit crushed me. To see Seaside, Lavalette, Ortley Beach, and Montoloking with such devastation broke my heart. They were such quaint little beach towns and hopefully they will eventually rebuild. Thanks so much for providing photos of the progress! I was thrilled the other week to see Prince Harry visit and bring continued attention to the area. What a boost that must have been to businesses in the area!Thanks for sharing at Savvy Southern Style!! Oh, and I am one of your newest followers!!Jenny

  7. Only people who live in NJ know how bad it still is. This will take years to really be put back together. I feel really bad for those families who are about to experience their first summer without their long standing shore house.

  8. It was heartbreaking!!! I'm also a Jersey Girl. My next door neighbors lost their summer home due to Hurricane Sandy. They had planned to move there full time.

  9. I am just seeing this post now? It's still surreal. My inlaws moved back to Normandy this past weekend. There is still so much destruction around them, that its depressing to even be there (they are near camp osborne, in between the highways by Charlies Farm Market). Great pics though…it'll all be back, even if it's not this summer!

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