How I Clean My Dash and Albert Rug

The Dash and Albert rug in my downstairs bathroom was starting to look a little dirty.   Since this bathroom is right off the kitchen, it gets  a lot of use.  Don’t ask me why I would choose a rug with white stripes for this spot…but it’s small and relatively inexpensive, so I  took my chances.  Today, I’d like to share how I clean my Dash and Albert rug…

Dash and Albert Rug Cleaning Tips:

Dash and Albert Striped rug - an easy way to clean!

(It’s a little hard to tell in the photo, but trust me, it’s dirty.)

This rug is made from polypropylene and according to Dash and Albert’s website, these rugs can be hosed, scrubbed and bleached.

Apparently, they are not meant for machine washing or drying, though.

Since today is a beautiful, sunny day, I thought is was a good time to wash the rug.

Golden Retriever helping to clean my Dash and Albert Rug

First Rosie inspected the rug for me.

Cleaning Dash and Albert Rugs

Then I took some Oxi Magic, some water and a sponge and just scrubbed the rug.

Washing a Dash and Albert Rug

Afterwards, I rinsed it and hung it in the sun to dry.

Air drying my Dash and Albert Rug - Golden Retriever approved!

As you can see, it looks pretty clean.

And Rosie approves.

Quick and Easy Way to Clean a Dash and Albert Indoor Outdoor Rug

I flipped over the back of the rug so you can see that the front is now just as clean as the back.  I can definitely tell the difference and I could actually see the dirt coming off as I was scrubbing it.

And that’s how I clean my Dash and Albert rug!  Just one more cleaning project to cross of the list!

If you want to see how this rug and all my other outdoor rugs have lasted over the years, be sure to read how my indoor-outdoor rugs have held up.

Have you tried to clean any Dash and Albert rugs?


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  1. Yes I just bought one for my powder room about a month ago. I bought the type that I can just hose off. The owner of the store that I bought it just loves how they clean up….Have a great weekend!

  2. Great Tip! I always just end up tossing my rugs, I can never seem get them clean – or when I wash them, they lose their shape! Great share! I saw your link at Inspiration Friday. I'll be running to the store to buy some Oxi Magic! Thanks again for the tip! Have a great weekend ~ Cheers!

  3. Great tips and great Job cleaning it! Rosie has given her stamp of approval! Thanks for the share!

  4. I have the same rug as you only in navy and white. It's a runner in front of my kitchen sink. It's pretty dirty right now and could use a good cleaning. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. I can hardly wait to drag it out to my deck and get to work!

  5. Thanks! I have a 8×10 D&A rug that is in need of some spot cleaning right now…. now I'm motivated! thanks! kandi @ woven home

  6. I've had a 6×9 Dash & Albert outdoor rug on my screened in porch for three or so years now and each year I hose it down and scrub it with a long handled scrub broom. It cleans up amazingly well and it still looks fantastic.

  7. I guess you can trust Rosie to do rug-inspecting, huh. Haha! Anyway, I must agree with you; it looks like a brand new one! It’s not easy to clean a rug, and bringing it back to its original form is a tougher challenge. That is why there is a need for proper maintenance so as not to sacrifice the beauty of the carpet.Tom

  8. Cleaning rugs can be quite satisfying, especially when you see all the dirt coming out from it. It is a fulfilling experience! Haha! Anyway, it also helps if you let the rug sit in the water for several minutes, so that the dirt will be softened; making it easy for you to do the scrubbing.Mike McClain

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