Island Possiblilities

I think I am living with an impostor

because there is no way the man I married

would consider a kitchen renovation!

But believe it or not,

HE brought it up a few weeks ago

and I almost fell on the floor.

For years, I have been dreaming of a new kitchen.

In fact, last year I even posted

that I would love a new kitchen for Mother’s Day!
See What I’d Love for Mother’s Day.

Since the day we have moved in (14 years ago – gasp!), two major things have bothered me about my kitchen:

1.  The windows are two high.  Seriously, is this a basement?

2.  I hate having a peninsula instead of an island.  Whenever we entertain, the peninsula makes setting a buffet on the counter very awkward and crowded.

Now back in 1999, when we moved in, I didn’t mind the light wood cabinets.  We were young and at that point, we didn’t want to add too many upgrades to the house.  But over the years, the cabinets have yellowed and have gotten worn out looking.

My dream is to have a white kitchen, with normal windows and an island!

source –
Now could this kitchen be any more perfect?

I know I am crazy for even mentioning another project when I haven’t accomplished many of the ones I have mentioned in the past!  But this project will take lots of planning and negotiating with my husband on what we “need” to do in there so it will be awhile!

We are talking about the options of either having the cabinets repainted and adding molding or beadboard to the sides OR completely gutting the room and putting in an island and white cabinets….and of course new windows!  There is a huge price difference between the two options, so we will see.

To get moving on things, I already had a painter in here to give me an estimate.  She still has to get back to me.  At this point, I am just pinning ideas and measuring over and over to see if my kitchen can handle an island.  I think I can fit a 4 foot wide by 7 foot long island still leaving about 46 or 47 inches around the sides.  I think I read somewhere that 42 inches is pretty standard for the walking space so I should be fine.

There are so many decisions to make but I am excited that we are doing at least something in there!  Oh, and speaking of decisions, I want to thank those of you who commented on my shoe molding question.  I think everyone suggested I go with the white shoe molding for my baseboards instead of the stained quarter round.    After looking at many examples online, I decided that look is definitely what I want and more updated!  Thanks everyone!

Now I am off to take my 6 year old to the doctor.  The poor baby has been home from school since Monday with a fever and a sore throat.  Let’s hope it’s not strep!

So what do you think of my kitchen/island plan?

If you have an island in your kitchen,

how much space do you have around it?

Are you happy with it?

Thanks and have a wonderful day!



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  1. I love this plan! I would love an island too, and your inspiration photo is just dreamy!! Can't wait to see how your changes progress.

  2. That inspiration photo is to die for…Classic, it would never go out of style. Do it!!

  3. How fun to be thinking of this project! The kitchen re-do is top on my list as well! We do have an island and I love it! I have the dark wood cabinets and am dying for a light kitchen…possibly white…I'm not sure yet! Can't wait to hear more about your decisions! Isn't it fun to have pinterest to go to for ideas?! Also, I used to wish my children DID have strep so it could be cured quicker! No matter…I hope your little one is well soon!

  4. Can't wait to see what you do. Love your inspiration picture, and yes, it is just perfectly beautiful! I am sure yours will be also.

  5. Your inspiration picture is just perfect!.. As for the island.. I have one in my kitchen and for me, I can't stand it but it also has my sink in it so it's never going anywhere.. I would much prefer more counter space but thats just me.. As for your kitchen with the way the counter bends the way it does I can see how it would be awkward. I think and island would not only look nice in your kitchen but would give you needed space too..

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