Girl Getaways of My Past and Future

Have you ever taken a trip with your best friends?  Sure, family vacations and romantic trips with your spouse are always top priority, but there is nothing like some bonding time with the girls!  Don’t you agree?

I have shared a few of my girls getaways with you over the years and soon, I will have one more to share!  Yay!  But before I tell you about that new development, let’s take a look at some of the girls trips I have taken over the years..(Click on the title under each photo to read the full posts).

One of my favorite destinations was Charleston, South Carolina!…

Charleston, South Carolina and other ideas for a girls weekend

Charleston Homes

I knew I was going to love Charleston but that lovely city exceeded my expectations!  It didn’t hurt that I escaped the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy while visiting Charleston that year.  My poor family was stuck at home in New Jersey without power while I strolled around Charleston without a care in the world.  Good times…

Probably my most recent girls weekend getaway was our quick trip to Philadelphia…

Girls Weekend in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Girls Weekend

Road-trips are always a blast and not having to deal with flight schedules make the whole trip so much easier.  We may have only been an hour from home, but we managed to pack in some fun activities and quality girl-time on that getaway!

Since we are fortunate enough to also live an hour from New York, a girls day-trip is always an easy escape!…

New York Broadway Show and other ideas for a girls getaway!

Finding Neverland on Broadway

The excitement of New York never wears off, no matter how many times I have gone!

Before kids, a four and a half hour road trip seemed like nothing…

Newport, Rhode Island and other great girls getaway ideas

Throwback Thursday Girls Weekend in Newport, Rhode Island

Ahh, the relaxing days of mansion touring and sipping cocktails on the lawn in Newport, Rhode Island.  It has been way too long since I have been there.  Definitely, a great place for a girls getaway!

Another great place – but definitely NOT a road trip was one of my first girls getaways…

Barbados with the girls

Falling in Love with the Caribbean – Barbados

Three of us ventured to the island of Barbados, where I began my love for the Caribbean!  Since then, I have traveled to the Caribbean almost every year with my husband or the whole family but haven’t been back with the girls.  Maybe it’s time for another trip!

Back in my younger, carefree days, I traveled to Europe a couple times with friends…

Venice, Italy and other great girls getaways

On our first trip, we visited Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria (for lunch on a train stop) and Venice, Italy.  There was just something about Italy that made us want to return.  Then after seeing the movie,  Only You, a trip to back to Italy was inevitable.  I challenge you to watch the movie and not book a trip!  In fact, my friend Sandy from You May Be Wandering just wrote a post about one of the hotels from that movie!  Anyway, a couple years later, we headed back to Italy and loved it more than we anticipated!

We have also taken girl trips to Boston, San Francisco, Montreal and Lake Placid, New York.  And I am thrilled to tell you that we just booked our next trip to the enchanting island of Martha’s Vineyard!  I have never been there and am so excited to start planning all of our activities and shenanigans…not that we actually plan those!

Just as a reminder, on the first Thursday of every month, I host a travel link party where you can come and link up your travel posts.

Take Me Away Travel Link Party

Where have you traveled with your friends?
Do you have any Martha’s Vineyard tips to share?

UPDATE:  We can now add Martha’s Vineyard to the list of places we’ve been! You can read about that trip here –   My New Favorite Place to Watch the Kentucky Derby.

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Great Ideas for a Girls Getaway

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  1. Girls trips are the best! We saw Martha's Vineyard for a day, well what we could since it was fogged in. Have fun on your next trip.

  2. Shelley, I have been to several of the places you mentioned. One of my favorite cities is Venice! You will love Martha's Vineyard. We were there last September…The Charlotte Inn is perfection! Happy travels!

  3. Only once have I taken a trip with a friend instead of hubby – we went to a massive antique road sale and stayed at a bed and breakfast, shopped ourselves silly and came home with no room for another passenger in her van.

  4. As much as I love traveling with my hubby a girl trip now and then is so much fun! I went to Charleston with my sil last spring and we loved it! I also did a road trip to Oregon a few years ago with 3 of my friends. Another time 4 of us headed to Washington for the Tulip Festival. All have been so much fun! Thanks for sharing your fun gal trips with SYC.hugs,Jann

  5. Thanks for sharing these fabulous trips. I agree, I love trips with my husband, but trips with girlfriends are indeed special. I'm fortunate that my husband is supportive of my short getaways with my girlfriends.

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