The Ever Changing Sign

Our downstairs bathroom doubles as a powder room and a family bathroom.  The bathroom is off the kitchen and has become the spot where the boys brush their teeth and comb their hair before school.  I like to hang something in the frame by the sink that they might like to look at each morning…

A few years ago I decided on a Christmas printable I found somewhere online…

After Christmas that year, I printed out some Zac Brown lyrics and hung them on the wall…

You can click HERE to see the whole post.
The lyrics stayed in that spot for awhile.

And then the frame started changing with the seasons…

This is how it looked this past Thanksgiving.

I replaced the Thanksgiving one with this for Christmas…

And finally yesterday I took this quote out of the frame

and started playing around with different ideas.

I thought an Oprah quote would be a nice thing to see each morning….

So true, don’t you think?

It was a bit more positive than the

“Brush Your Teeth Before I take Away Your Ipod” one I had in mind!

I decided to go with the chalkboard look again.

It’s always fun to play around on Picmonkey isn’t it?

And now this hangs in the frame…until I change my mind again!

I have a ton of quotes saved on my Pinterest boards.

(Although some of them are a bit silly!)

This one is a reminder for me as well as the kids!

What quotes inspire you?


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  1. I love this idea! Our downstairs bath is off our kitchen and main hall as well. I even have a blank wall I have been trying to decide what to do with. This would be perfect as I am a quote lover!!

  2. Shelley I save lots of quotes as well!! Love all of your choices, so inspiring!!xoxoKarenaFeaturing The HighBoy

  3. I really enjoy seeing quotes on the wall. Makes me think about things, not just take for granted. I hang printed/framesdquotes on gallery wall with some family photos and whatever else catches my eye. My gallery wall isn't one specific theme, it's what makes me think. When our daughter/family come over they like to see what I've hung up that might be different. I like to change things up now and then for a holiday, a season. Keeps this old lady thinking and expressing myself. I love the last saying you showed, wouldn't mind hanging that up on our bathrooms, on bedroom wall or on gallery wall. Keeps life interesting and keeps us thinking. I like all the sayings at Thanksgiving time, think they're appropriate all year. Love frame you use on your bathroom wall. Keep on inspiring your family, yourself and your blog readers, good for you. I reuse frames again and again and usually I've gotten them at thrift stores, I just repaint them if needed. Happy Valentine

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