Fresh Start

Happy New Year Everyone!

I woke up this morning with such a burst of energy…which is surprising because today is back to school day for my kids and we have been sleeping in every single day.  I had no intention of writing a blog post today but as the sun streamed in my windows, I was suddenly motivated by the beautiful day AND all the clean open surfaces which no longer display Christmas decorations!  Hooray!

I am now motivated to restart my search for counter stools for the kitchen.  After all, the kitchen renovation has been done for months now so I really need to get moving on this!  (Look, you can even see the bright blue sky reflected in the counter top!  What a beautiful morning!)

My mantel is now cleared of all Christmas decor and waiting patiently for me to come up with something for winter into spring.  Kind of a difficult time to decorate isn’t it?  I am sure I will think of something…(after a few trips to Homegoods!)

And now the mantel/ledge above my stove is cleared and is enjoying this lovely sunshine as well.  I think I will leave that space empty for awhile.

And to replace my snowman Christmas corner, I pulled out a cookbook to display for now.  Looks like a great recipe to try tonight!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still have piles of Christmas bins to drag back down to the basement but for the most part, the surfaces are clean and ready for a fresh start in the new year!

Now that my morning tea is almost finished, I am going to get started on those bins.  I don’t want to lose momentum!  Happy Monday!  I hope the sun is shining where you live!

Have you cleared out your holiday decor yet?


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  1. It always feels good to have a sunny morning and to have the Christmas stuff put away. That recipe does look yummy. What cook book is it?

  2. I put my hole christmas decor away. I feel free. It is great to have a day for sleeping. Hugs Kuni

  3. Clearing out your Christmas decor….there's something sad, but liberating about that, isn't? :)Mine is still up, I'm getting to it ;)Happy New Year!Mila

  4. I know what you mean Shelley, it does feel good to clear away all the Christmas decorations. And now you get to have fun creating pretty vignettes for your gorgeous kitchen :)happy 2016!xoLeslie

  5. I love putting everything away and starting fresh too Shelley. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

  6. It does feel good having Christmas cleaned up! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the mantel!

  7. I'm having trouble giving up Christmas decor so your refreshing post at least made me think about taking it down.

  8. Doesn't it feel sooo good to start fresh Shelley? Like you, I'm starting to winterize/accessorize in a new way. I love Christmas but I'm ready for a change. And good luck on finding your bar stools. I say start looking at kitchens on Pinterest (THE greatest source for ideas ever!)Happy New Year!

  9. Yes, you nailed it when you said how fresh and clean everything felt after packing away all the holiday decorations. I love that feeling of open airyness when I look around. Fun post! XO- Wendi @ H2OBungalow

  10. Your fireplace is so pretty, love the stone.Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!Blessings,Cindy

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