Weekend Pupdate #50

It’s almost all fun and games
living with Rosie. 

She is always ready to play

and will grab a toy the second someone enters the room.

Or a sock…

She is always rolling around the floor with something…

or someone.

Last night Rosie had the opportunity to roll around with some other dogs.  While we hosted a birthday party for my nine year old at our house, Rosie spent the evening at my niece’s house.  No way was I going to entertain 15 crazy nine year old boys and keep track of a furry beast!  My niece was happy to help out and since she has two dogs who just love Rosie, it was fun for everyone!  My niece even texted me a few times to let me know how Rosie was doing.  I think she would have been happy to stay there all night.

Here is a picture my niece sent me.  

Rosie was enjoying the snuggling time!

And this is what she looked like when she got home.

One exhausted girl!

Just resting up for another day of doggie adventures!

Did you have any adventures this weekend?

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a darling pup:) I'm a dog lover and I'm the proud mamma of two english springer spaniels. They frequently make appearances on my blog posts. Animals really do make a difference in life.. they have that unconditional love and are always positive!lesliewww.trouverlesoleil.blogspot.com

  2. Shelley, I had to laugh when I saw her with the sock. Rio walks around with one all the time ~ thankfully, she doesn't chew them, but we always have dirty socks laying around. 🙂

  3. She's a doll. Alfie always wants something in his mouth, too. He even wants a toy or stick when he's being combed. Must be the retriever!

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